It’s About Time: Six Ways Automation Can Help Gym Owners

Automation is key to delegating tasks, saving you time as a busy gym owner. Here are six ways PushPress Grow can get the work done for you!

Monica Hilton
November 9, 2022
It’s About Time: Six Ways Automation Can Help Gym Owners
Automation is key to delegating tasks, saving you time as a busy gym owner. Here are six ways PushPress Grow can get the work done for you!

Ah, that gym owner life. If it feels like your tasks are never-ending and there aren’t enough hours in the day, you’re not alone. And if you’ve ever wondered how to clone yourself in order to get everything done, welcome to the club.

As gym owners ourselves, we understand that “busy” is a normal part of everyday life. We also understand the value of any task that can be delegated, giving you back the gift of time.

Automation saves gym owners time

That’s where automation comes in. Like a behind-the-scenes superhero without a cape, automation is your virtual assistant that never sleeps.

PushPress Grow is a CRM system designed to automate your lead engagement and convert more leads into paying clients. Further, it nurtures your current member journey and turns it into something extraordinary.

Automation Is A Game Changer.

Here are six ways automation is critical to saving you time and building your gym’s success:

1. Lead Engagement.

If a prospective member checked out your website and immediately signed up, there would be no need for automation. But the truth is, most leads require quite a few contact points over an extended period of time before they actually join. Some need more prodding than others, some are intimidated, most have questions. So the key is to connect with them consistently and at the proper intervals until they become a member.

PushPress Grow sends automated messages, aimed at getting them in the door and starting their membership. After they’ve visited your website, messages will encourage them to book their first session. If they’re not ready, follow up will continue. When an intro session or first class is booked, Grow will send reminder texts. If they don’t show up, they’ll receive options to reschedule.

All of this automation is set up seamlessly. This takes the work off your plate, allowing you to spend time on other areas of growing your business.

2. Member Experience.

At the beginning of a member’s experience at your gym, they’ll likely want some guidance. This might mean answering their questions or just making them aware that you’re there for accountability. The PushPress Grow automation nurtures that journey, and allows you to jump in for personalized communication as well.

Creating epic member experience

After they’ve been a member for awhile, it’s important to continue celebrating their milestones. Whether you’re recognizing birthdays, gym anniversaries or PRs, you can automate a personalized message each time. You can even customize the delivery details: Send a birthday notification to coaches for class recognition, auto-post on your gym’s social feed or message the member directly. This can pay dividends for them to feel appreciated and valued at your gym.

3. Staff Communication.

Streamline the admin side of your gym’s operations staff communication automation. For example, let’s say you have a new member coming to class for the first time. PushPress Grow can be set up to link a first class to a coach alert, letting the coach know who to watch for, along with any relevant info. This not only saves you time but makes your coach look like a rock star. Most importantly, it leaves a lasting first impression on your prospective member, setting them up for a long-term, ridiculously-awesome member experience.

4. Task Reminders.

How are you currently managing your day-to-day tasks at the gym? Do you have a manual to-do list on a whiteboard or reminder notes in your phone? With PushPress Grow, you can automate task reminders. Once you’ve created your list, Grow will remind you to get tasks done at the automated times. And you can customize the messages to alert you via email, text or both.

5. Review Requests.

Google Reviews are critical for your search engine ranking and grabbing the attention of prospective members. But following up with members and visitors at the right time can be too time-intensive. Leverage your automation to make the ask for you! Grow can send out Google Review requests to your entire membership base, all at once or in small batches. It can also encourage visitors to review your gym after they’ve dropped in.

Send review requests to visitors

6. Social Media.

Social media can be one of the most effective tools in your marketing toolkit. For it to be successful, all of your posts should work cohesively and be posted at effective times. Managing this manually can be exhaustive. So automate your posts by using a scheduler and planning in advance. This way, daily social posting won’t take time away from daily gym tasks.

Pro Tip: Getting started with Grow is easy! Book a demo today with the PushPress team to start automating your tasks and saving time.

In Summary: Join The Automation Nation

Automation is key to delegating tasks, saving you time as a busy gym owner. From lead generation and member experience to task reminders and social media, PushPress Grow can help you automate your tasks and get your time back.

Monica Hilton

Monica is our Content Manager extraordinaire for PushPress. She also owns her gym in Indianapolis, Together We Rise CrossFit, which she opened in 2014 and previously worked in IndyCar racing.

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