Listen in as our CEO, Dan Uyemura, sits down with Jason Ackerman of Best Hour of Their Day Podcast. Links to listen and subscribe to the upcoming The gymOS Podcast from PushPress below.


Jason and the guys at Best Hour of Their Day have been hard at work trying to help CrossFit Affiliates, owners and coaches become better at serving their communities.

In this episode, Jason and Dan rap about a number of huge things. From how PushPress started, to how similar your gym is with PushPress – and how everything Dan is learning to run a better software company transfers directly over to your gym.

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gym management software PushPress presents The gymOS Podcast

PushPress will be launching a Podcast soon, The gymOS Podcast.

We will be talking about all things business in the world of fitness. Modern gym owners need to understand that they are no longer fitness professionals and we’re here to help!  We will be helping gym owners transition into being a business professional one episode at a time.