Bringing Relief for Your Punchcard and PT Headaches

December 7, 2015
Bringing Relief for Your Punchcard and PT Headaches

Today we launched a new feature - refillable punchcards. In a physical sense, think of them as a gift card that you can keep refilling (Starbucks anyone?) as you run low.

What’s It Do?

Our new refillable punchcards will let you add any number of punches to an existing punchcard. Doing so will charge the client the appropriate per-punch amount.

Using this new tool you can add (or remove) punches from an existing punchcard.

Why Is This Great?

For starters, you won’t have 10 punchcards created for that perpetual punchcard client. That’s nice. You can now manage the entire client relationship with you in one punchcard.

Next, and more importantly - you can now start to easily sell punches in any increment you want after the initial punchcard purchase.

We do not force you to re-sell the same number of punches the client originally bought.


The Private Training Use Case

This solution is perfect for Private Training sales. Often times, when a new clients enters the gym, they might require 10 or 15 private sessions to get them up and running. After those initial sessions, you might determine with your client that they need 5 more sessions to be ready for group.

Instead of creating a whole new punchcard with 5 punches, you can just add 5 more punches to the clients existing punchcard.

With this flexibility - if the client decides once those additional 5 are done, they’d like 1 more to brush up on some things they’re still a little rusty on, you can just add one more punch. No mess, no fuss.


Flexibility Galore.

Further, if you decide for whatever reason that the price of the additional punches should change, you can override and change the punch prices at the time of the sale.

Further, if you need to adjust the number of punches available DOWN, you can do that as well.

Perfect for MadLab, Works For All.

For those of you working within the MadLab business model - this is perfect for running your beginner Private Training. It has been setup with all the flexibility needed to manage the ongoing private training needs of the system.

If you are not part of the MadLab business system, this functionality still brings you all of the flexibility and convenience of managing your punchcard clients!

Early Bird Access Closing Soon!

Our current members are enjoying a lifelong membership to our upcoming Pro Package for the Basic Package price. Once we launch our upcoming complete Track System, all Pro Packages (which are required to use the Track System) will bump up to $139/mo.

Between now and then every client who signs up will be access to a Pro account for the Basic price ($79/mo.)

Join the PushPress family today! Book a demo and see how we can help you and your facility succeed today!

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