Building a Unicorn (or, building Rich Froning)

July 1, 2015
Building a Unicorn (or, building Rich Froning)

In the tech startup world, there’s a phrase “building a unicorn”. That simply means as it implies: Building something equal parts rare, unique, amazing, awe inspiring, and functional.

The reason they’re called unicorns is because they’re almost mythical. In silicon valley, a unicorn would be Google, Facebook, and more recently - Uber and Slack.

In the CrossFit world, we’re talking Rich Froning Jr.

Unicorns don’t just appear. They take time, energy, thought, planning, and maybe a little bit of luck even. Froning didn’t become who he is today by just “wishing” he was a great CrossFitter. He put in countless hours of work, practicing and honing his skills. He paid close attention to details to make sure his time spent training paid off. And maybe he got a little lucky (or unlucky) having a strict father who pushed him, or NOT making pro baseball to a higher level.

We’re working on a unicorn here at PushPress. A goal so absurdly impossible, only infinite amounts of passion, dedication and attention can make it possible.

I know, it’s easy for everyone to say “I’m building a unicorn” - only the tests of time will determine if that’s true.

Regardless, our approach to our product is based upon delivering this mythical beast to the market. The product that suits the needs of our client base, with a simple, clutter free and honest approach.

Time will tell if we hit this mark, but until then, all of us here at PushPress have this goal and passion on our minds from the time we wake to the time we sleep.

Dan Uyemura

CEO - PushPress, Inc.

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