Cash Flow is King (or why you need Pre-Orders in your life)

January 26, 2015
Cash Flow is King (or why you need Pre-Orders in your life)

In the life cycle of a software platform, PushPress is relatively new. Not only are we still growing upwards in building upon and improving our current features, but we are also branching out into bringing the design and usability in new features that have been part of the PushPress vision from Day 1.

One of these features is the Pre-Order system. Why would you want to use a pre-ordering system when the PushPress Store App is awesome as it is?

Two words, eight letters. Cash Flow.

Whether you are a brand new or a seasoned vet, being your own boss and running you own gym takes a lot of man-hours and part of that time goes towards managing your cash flow. Do you want hundreds of dollars of supplements sitting on your shelf, tying up your cash? Do you look at those shelves and think of the other things you could do with that money?

With the PushPress Pre-Ordering System, you can quickly set up a pre-sale within minutes, distribute the sales link and manage each order from start to customer pick up, and take care of cancellations and refunds easily. All of this while using your members payment to purchase the items they want without money coming out of your pocket and sitting on a shelf.

Understandably, you want the convenience of having some items in stock for immediate purchase but if you have members who buy the same supplements every month, Pre-Ordering will work well for both of you. You will not pay out of your pocket for their purchases, and they in turn, can be offered a discount for this convenience.

Let’s Investigate

Did you buy 40 hoodies for 40 members only to realize you really needed more XLs and you have too many smalls? These are all cash killers. Your money is sitting on those shelves and hangers, collecting dust, right? Have you thought about Pre-Ordering those hoodies?

Let’s take two scenarios:

  1. You buy hoodies based on your best-guess. It takes you three months to sell the 40 hoodies you ordered, and they cost you $40 to produce. You sold them for a nice $10 profit for $50. However, you didn’t order correctly and have 8 XS and Small hoodies left on your shelves. Sad Face to that.
  2. You use a Pre-Order system to manage your order. You let your customers pick their sizes, and pay you $45 per hoodie. Only $5 Profit per unit, but you have 0 mistake orders.

Unless you have free cash flow to support leaving $1600 (per product!) on the table while you’re waiting to recoup that investment, the benefits of pre-ordering are essentially a no-brainer.

Under the pre-order system, you get cash up front, so you never put your business at peril by tying up large amounts of money into products - but you can still sell products to you members. Further - you have the option to buy stock on hand with the excess proceeds you can build into the Pre-Order price. In the example above, the gym could buy 5 additional hoodies free-of-cost to stock in the gym. Those hoodies they could sell at full price ($50) - turning that $200 free cash flow into a potential $250 future cash flow.

Easy To Manage

Now, we all know this could be done with an excel spread sheet, but the PushPress Pre-Order system has been designed from the ground up to make your life easy to administrate these Pre-Orders. If you end up spending too long managing this Pre-Order it’s going to eat into the potential profit you make - by using up your valuable time. We have built tools to easily allow you to Sell, Distribute, Track, Manage and even Refund preorders as they come in.

Additionally, all the numbers will integrate into your PushPress system - allowing you to get a good picture of the overall health of your business! Selling product is an important revenue channel to keep an eye on.

Enticing members to buy at a discount if they order now, and the excitement of getting in first on something new can increase your revenue per member. Having a free Pre-Order feature you can use regardless of what box management system you have in-house helps you and your cash flow. It is a simple win-win.

Pre-Orders For Everyone

The best part of this whole system is it’s open for everyone to use. There’s no requirement that you use PushPress as your membership and business management solution in order to use this feature. Love your current system? No problem - stay there and just run your preorder via PushPress - we’re ok with that! :)

Keep it simple. Register now, here: for early access to our beta release of Pre-Orders!

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