Create and Sell Hybrid Memberships with PushPress

October 30, 2019
Create and Sell Hybrid Memberships with PushPress

Look. The group class model has served gyms well. Very well. It is what our communities are built off of. It is what builds highly engaged members and has them dragging their friends to the next "bring a friend night". But as the fitness industry matures, clients are needing more individualized training and business are needing to develop other revenue streams to maximize earning potential.

So, how do you satisfy both needs, but still leverage the benefits that the group class model brings? The answer is, in part, hybrid memberships.

There are many resources on how to structure and sell hybrid memberships. They might even be referred to as something other than hybrid memberships. We're not going to tell you how to run your business or that you should offer hybrid memberships. But consult with any business mentor and they will tell you that creating separate offerings is key in maximizing your business's earning potential.


Leverage Your Strengths

Your best bet is to take inventory of what you are good at, and figure out how you can apply those strengths to groups and to individuals. Regardless of the niche you serve, the underlying concept is simple... create membership options that combine group class access, with individualized attention. As a business, you can offer the benefits of group classes, at personal training rates. This can take on many forms.

  • Group Classes + Nutrition Coaching
  • Group Classes + Personal Training
  • Group Classes + Individualized Programming
  • Or any other combination... you get the picture.

Create Your Plans

Once you have decided if the Hybrid model suites your business, the next piece of the puzzle is creating the plan in your billing software and managing the different components. Since these plans blend class access with appointment-based services, they are a little more complex to handle. Some things to consider include:

  1. Setting rules for group class access (2 class per week, 12 classes per month, unlimited classes, etc.)
  2. Setting rules for appointment-based services (1 nutrition consultation per month, 3 personal training sessions per week, etc)
  3. Managing payroll - ensuring your staff gets properly compensated for both class and individual instruction.

Luckily for PushPress clients, all of that is possible in the platform. Watch the full replay below as I we walk through different ways to create and manage Hybrid Memberships.

As we alluded to above, the industry is constantly evolving, and so is PushPress. Be on the lookout for future improvements to our appointments features, which will simplify this process even more for the gym staff and members.

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