Customer Service IS Y/Our Product

February 26, 2020
Customer Service IS Y/Our Product

Writing a quick one today, inspired by a client email I received yesterday. I'm going to remove some of it because the intention of this post is rooted in positivity.At the end of this, I'm going to explain why I'm sharing this, how we think and why you should steal this mindset and deploy it in your gym or studio.

Hey Dan,I believe that when people go above and beyond they should be recognized. Two of your awesome team members gave me some of the best support ever yesterday. I have been having an awful time getting [another company] to respond and answer questions for me (week plus response time). [redacted] Knowing that, I asked Barry some questions about [another company] and he answered as best he knew and then he brought John in for something he figured John would know well. John not only answered the question, but he took the time to make screenshots and show me how to do what I was trying to do. Needless to say I was sitting with my boss and we were both blown away and so appreciative of Barry and John for their quick response and above and beyond service. My hats off to them! [redacted] Thank you to you and your team for serving with excellence. Again kudos to Barry and John and thanks to you all. Keep up the great work! 

WOW. I mean, how can you not get pumped to hear a client talk about you that way?

Our "product" is 50% software / 50% support

pushpress instagram story for trinity fitness

You will never work with a company who cares about you as much as we do. I promise that.Your gym is important to your community and your members - and it's important to us.Thus, in many ways, we're not a software company. We're a gym support company.Our software is designed to help you run your business at a larger scale, with more efficiency, allowing you to cover more ground with less people.However, our "product" isn't just software. That's a part of it. The product is and will evolve into being a 360 degree coverage system for our clients. Education, support, community, software systems, process... these are all parts of our mission.

Human relationships win

TrapIn fact, you would tell all your friends about us.This is a mission that's easy for everyone to say, but very hard to pull off.How do you feel about your fitness software company?Are you delighted?Do you feel they CARE about you and your clients?Do you feel like a transaction?We obviously won't be the perfect fit for every client - no business can satisfy 100% of their clients perfectly. If we're not, we are hoping to be the one to tell you that, not vice versa.We want to build and establish long lasting trust with our clients, and lying to them for their hard earned dollars is not the equation for that.

Why Am I Sharing This?

I'm sharing this, because you're in the same business that we are. If you set up systems and a culture that genuinely cares about your clients and puts their goals, dreams, and successes ahead of your own, you will succeed.Just like we are.Go forth and give 10 clients a happy moment today. Then do it again tomorrow.Do that for month, and see what kind of energy you create.That's how we do things around here. It's part of our core culture, and it should be part of yours.The email I posted above was unsolicited feedback from Trinity Fitness in Colorado Springs who was delighted so much, they needed to tell someone. That someone was me.

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