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Elevate Members’ CrossFit Open Experience with PushPress Train

The CrossFit Open is the perfect time to help improve members’ results through setting and tracking goals. Here are five ways PushPress Train can help!

Emily Beers
February 21, 2024
Elevate Members’ CrossFit Open Experience with PushPress Train
The CrossFit Open is the perfect time to help improve members’ results through setting and tracking goals. Here are five ways PushPress Train can help!

As a gym owner, when you think about The CrossFit Open, it’s not uncommon for your initial thoughts to be about logistics. Floor layouts. Running heats. Endless rolls of tape.

In case you missed it, here on the PushPress blog this month, we’ve been sharing all the resources you need to run a fun, profitable Open. Check them out here:

Today, we’re talking about how tracking progress can change the game for your members, both during The Open and throughout the whole year. It’s the key to improving members’ results while increasing your gym’s retention rate.

The CrossFit Open experience
Setting goals and tracking progress can improve members’ experience in this year’s CrossFit Open.

But as we know as gym owners, it has to be simple to implement and easy for members to use. That’s exactly why PushPress Train is the perfect tool to help you get it done. Train is now merged with the PushPress Members App to create a seamless experience for members. They can do everything from reserving a spot in class to managing their membership and logging their workouts, all in one place.

Check out five ways Train can help your members during The CrossFit Open, and afterward as well!

Five Ways Train Improves Performance for The CrossFit Open.

1. Tracking Goals is the Only Way to Achieve Them.

The first step in your members achieving results is to help them set their goals. Then they’re able to track their progress and performance toward each one, over time. Not only is it motivating, but truly holds your members accountable to their goals.

The CrossFit Open can be a great catalyst to showing your gym community the power of tracking. First, recording workout scores shows them where they stack up against the worldwide leaderboard. And second, it allows them to visually see progress, year-over-year. Whether it’s a repeat workout or simply increasing the weight on a lift, tracking is the only way to visualize improvement.

Outside of The Open, encouraging members to log workouts and track PRs is crucial for results. And as we know, results is what they come to our gym for. It’s what makes them stick around, spend money and invite friends.

Pro Tip: Want to learn more about how PushPress Train can help members achieve better results and drive retention numbers in your gym? Book a demo with our team today!

2. The CrossFit Open Leaderboard for the Rest of Us.

Speaking of the worldwide leaderboard, it’s no secret that it can feel a little discouraging for the everyday athletes. And in most of our gyms, that’s the majority!

While all athletes who are registered for The CrossFit Open will be able to access the leaderboard, why not tailor a better experience within your own gym? PushPress Train allows your members to see where they stack up among the people they train with every day. This way, they can connect with one another and track progress, without feeling overwhelmed.

PushPress Train leaderboard
Members can track progress within your gym community using the leaderboard in PushPress Train.

3. Programming Makes a Difference.

Programming is one of those “behind the scenes” elements that rarely gets the spotlight but plays a critical part in your members’ success. Throughout the rest of the year, you can use PushPress Train for members to access daily class programming and log their workouts. There’s even a built-in weightlifting percentages calculator. This allows members to quickly figure out how to load their barbells, based on their specific lifting maxes.

The CrossFit Open, on the other hand, tends to have the unique tendency to point out the areas people could use some improvement. This provides a great opportunity for you to help them in several ways.

First, heading into The Open, consider offering various options to help them prepare. From “Open Prep” class programming to refresher workshops on some of the most common movements. During The Open, think about mobility programming specifically designed to help them maximize recovery.

Finally, after The CrossFit Open is over, members will inevitably have specific movements that they want to work on in the upcoming year. This is a great chance to offer individual-design programming or other high-ticket gym services to increase revenue.

4. Habit Tracking Challenges Members in New Ways.

When it comes to overall wellness, we often overlook the simple things. While daily training and proper nutrition are imperative, things like sleep, stress and mental health are key as well.

Recently, PushPress introduced the new Habit Tracking feature in PushPress Train. Habit Tracking allows you to introduce smaller, achievable, healthy habits for your community. These could be as simple as drinking a certain amount of water daily or getting eight hours of sleep.

Habit Tracking can also be set up for individuals. So if you have an athlete who struggles with nerves during The CrossFit Open, perhaps a daily meditation habit could help. As we know, certain athletes will need to focus on the things they can control, if only for the benefit of their mental health.

Maximize recovery improve mental health
Creating healthy habits like meditation will maximize members’ recovery and help with mental health.

5. Connection is Key with the Social Feed.

Since PushPress Train is now part of the Members’ App, one extra benefit is the ability to connect your community around celebrations.

The Social Feed is designed for just that. Throughout the year, members can use the Social Feed to ask questions, offer encouragement, share PRs and even engage in some friendly trash talk.

During The CrossFit Open especially, this connection can get even stronger. It’s rewarding to see your members talk about the weight they didn’t think they could lift or getting their first muscle-up. And after all, there’s nothing like the “shared suffering” of The Open to bring people together.

In Summary: A Better CrossFit Open Experience with PushPress Train.

The CrossFit Open is a unique time of year to connect your community, and increase revenue and retention. It’s also the perfect time to focus on improving members’ results through tracking progress and setting goals.

Start by helping your members set goals that are appropriate and achievable for them. Use PushPress Train for tracking those goals, and their performance on your gym’s leaderboard. Offer programming options to support the training achievements they’re working toward. Challenge them to develop new habits that correlate to their goals. And finally, celebrate their wins along the way.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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