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How PushPress Helps You Run the Ultimate CrossFit Open at Your Gym

Saving time and reducing stress are more important than ever during the three weeks of The CrossFit Open. Here are five ways PushPress solutions can help!

Emily Beers
February 14, 2024
How PushPress Helps You Run the Ultimate CrossFit Open at Your Gym
Saving time and reducing stress are more important than ever during the three weeks of The CrossFit Open. Here are five ways PushPress solutions can help!

For some gym owners, The CrossFit Open is a magical time of year, filled with anticipation, connection and celebration. But unfortunately for others, it can induce feelings of stress and overwhelm.

At PushPress, we get it. As a team of gym owners ourselves, we’ve experienced both sides of executing The Open in our gyms. When it’s fun and profitable, it’s great! And when it’s not... it’s really not.

So we asked ourselves how we could make this time of year easier for you and your coaches. Our goals were simple: Increase your efficiency and save you time. Check out the list of ways that PushPress solutions can help you run the ultimate CrossFit Open at your gym this year!

Running an intramural CrossFit Open
Using PushPress solutions can help you run the ultimate intramural CrossFit Open at your gym.

Five Ways to Manage the CrossFit Open with PushPress.

1. Avoid Redundant Questions with Grow Workflows.

When it comes to The CrossFit Open, very few things are predictable. On the other hand, there’s one thing we can always count on: Redundant questions.

Newer athletes will ask if there will be scaling options for The Open. Bob will text you to see if he can come in on Sunday to redo the workout for the eighth time. Seventeen people will ask - via text, email and sliding into your gym social media DMs - if you can validate their score.

But what if this year was different?

You can save time while answering all your members’ FAQs by creating an automated workflow in PushPress Grow! Grow is the ultimate CRM (customer relationship management) tool for communicating with your members and leads.

Your goal is simply to ensure your gym community has all the pertinent info leading up to The Open. So you could create a workflow called, “Everything you need to know for the CrossFit Open at [Your Gym Name]!” In an effort to not overwhelm members with too much info, send automated emails and texts in a reasonable cadence.

Day one could be an email with the dates and registration link. Day three could be a text informing them that you’ll be validating scores daily at 5pm. As the first Friday Night Lights event approaches, send a text with info about signing up for heats. Now your members are fully informed and you’re free to focus on running an epic event!

2. Increase Sales Revenue with the Updated Staff App.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you can make The CrossFit Open profitable for your gym.

And one of the best ways to encourage members to spend money on products and services is to let them know you offer them! Whether it’s Open-prep programming, limited-edition apparel or other gym merchandise, it’s important to get the word out.

First, consider including messaging in your PushPress Grow workflows about various products and services. Second, let members know that making purchases is incredibly quick and seamless through the updated Product Purchases feature in the PushPress Staff App. Now, you can simply put the Staff App into kiosk mode on an iPad at the front desk. Members can choose their items and check out without requiring help from a coach.

Increasing revenue with gym merchandise sales
The updated PushPress Staff App now allows members to quickly and easily purchase gym products and services.

3. Manage CrossFit Open Heats with Scheduling in Core.

Friday Night Lights, and even your regular class schedule, can get a little wonky during The CrossFit Open because of the need for heats.

PushPress Core allows you to schedule heats, making it simple for you to organize and for your members to reserve a spot. You can customize everything from the heat start time, length and number of participants. Plus, the “duplicate” feature means you only have to set up the first heat, then use it as a template for the rest, and only adjust the start time.

4. Celebrate Wins on Your Social Feed.

One of the best parts of The CrossFit Open is the support and encouragement among your gym community as they celebrate progress and PRs.

First, this is an opportunity to create some amazing content and increase lead generation. Second, you can use it to connect members through the Social Feed in the PushPress Members App.

The Social Feed allows your members to post comments, ask questions, share photos and videos, and offer encouragement. It’s also a fun place for a little friendly trash talk during The Open.

Pro Tip: Want to learn more about some of these effective tools for managing your gym and The CrossFit Open? Book a demo with our team today!

5. Analyze Key Gym Performance Metrics.

The best way to make data-driven business decisions is by tracking key metrics for your gym. From attendance numbers to revenue and everything in between, it’s crucial to know your numbers. After all, you can’t make improvements if you don’t know which metrics need to be fixed.

That’s why we created quick and easy snapshots of your gym’s overall performance in PushPress Core. You can use tools like Financial Reports to acquire and analyze the data you need to succeed.

Analyzing key gym metrics
Analyzing key gym metrics in PushPress Core allows you to make data-driven decisions for your fitness business.

After The CrossFit Open, check out your key metrics. How was attendance this year? Did you meet your revenue projections? If you jot down some notes using the data you’ve gathered, you can make improvements for next year’s Open.

In Summary: Use PushPress Solutions to Make the CrossFit Open Seamless

Saving time and reducing stress are more important than ever during the three upcoming weeks of The CrossFit Open. Your normal gym owner workload remains the same, so finding ways to accomplish your Open tasks is a game-changer.

And that’s where the power of PushPress solutions comes in. You can use Grow workflows to automate communication, and Core scheduling to set up heats. The updated Staff App allows you to increase revenue through seamlessly selling products and services. Your members can enjoy the celebrations and camaraderie in the Social Feed. And finally, when The Open is done, you’ll be able to analyze key metrics to make improvements for future events.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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