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Back to Basics: Six Ways PushPress Core Helps You Run Your Gym

It's pretty simple: PushPress Core is here to help your gym run more efficiently. Here are six tools to help you get started today!

Emily Beers
June 4, 2024
Back to Basics: Six Ways PushPress Core Helps You Run Your Gym
It's pretty simple: PushPress Core is here to help your gym run more efficiently. Here are six tools to help you get started today!

Sometimes, the simplest way to ensure you’re being as efficient as possible is to start with the basics. At PushPress, we pride ourselves on constant innovation and creating new solutions to meet your needs. But it’s important to start with a solid foundation, and go from there.

Think of it like the new members that join your gym. You help them get started with the basics of fitness and nutrition, then build on that. Your gym management software is the same. Make sure you’re utilizing all the tools at your disposal to run your gym seamlessly. Then build and grow!

PushPress Core gym management software
Here are six ways that PushPress Core can help you run your gym more efficiently.

Josh Snyder, owner of FitNKC in Kansas City, MO, switched to PushPress from Pike13. He recalls being able to run a substantial number of reports with the other software, but they were neither simple nor effective.

“I need to know who's coming and who's not, who paid their bills, and to provide programming,” Snyder said. “PushPress lets you provide what you need to run your business in a simplified way.”

Six Powerful PushPress Core Features.

Not sure where to start with your gym management software checklist? Here are just a few of the basics in PushPress Core that our clients utilize to run their gyms more efficiently.

1. Efficient Billing.

PushPress Customer Success Specialist Greg Buck said one of the best things about Core is the ability for gym owners to choose billing options that fit their needs.

“It sounds very basic,” Buck explained. But as a gym owner himself at CrossFit Arioch in Elgin, IL, he knows how crucial this option is.

From recurring and non-recurring memberships to punch cards, the ability to customize is key. In addition, gym owners can choose monthly or weekly billing, and place limits on class bookings. This comes in handy for accommodating memberships that include things like three days per week or 12 visits per month.

2. Appointments.

If it’s been awhile since you checked out the Appointments feature in PushPress Core, we think you’ll love the upgrade! For you, your coaches and your members, the newly-enhanced Appointments feature is an intuitive time-saver.

First, it’s easier than ever to offer high-ticket services like a nutrition coaching program or personal training. Programs like these drive up your average client value, increasing client retention and overall revenue.

Your coaches can use Appointments to easily set up the blocks of time when they’re available to meet with clients. These blocks can be customized based on the nature of the appointment.

For example, initial consults might be 20 minutes, while a training session can be 60. This goes a long way to help coaches with efficiency and maximizing their time. They can even designate in-person or online appointment times.

Once coaches have set up availability, clients are able to book appointments using credits. For example, if a client pays for a 10-pack of personal training sessions, they can book until they’ve used up those sessions.

With the new recurring appointments feature, your team can easily schedule repeat sessions without needing upfront credits. This offers more flexibility for both staff and members. In addition, effortless setup of weekly or monthly sessions eliminates the need for manual scheduling of each session. The flexible system adapts to fit everyone’s unique timetable, so coaches and members can find times that work best. Your community will also love seeing their fitness journey laid out in their app, keeping them engaged and on track. This enhancement streamlines the booking process, reduces admin work, and provides unparalleled scheduling flexibility.

Personal training and nutrition coaching
The upgraded Appointments feature makes it easy for coaches to book high-ticket services like personal training.

3. Practical Reporting.

There are reports. And then there are helpful reports. Offering an abundance of reports is only beneficial if they actually help you make business decisions.

For instance, knowing which clients are at-risk is imperative for preventing churn and increasing gym member retention.

Buck particularly likes the financial reports in PushPress. He said it helps the gym owner understand how each month is trending financially, and compares it with previous months. He also recommends the engagement reports, showing how well classes are performing.

Ultimately, these reports are designed for you to make business decisions that are based on data, versus guessing.

4. Check-Ins.

As PushPress CEO Dan Uyemura says, gym member check-ins are the North Star metric for gyms. Essentially, check-ins can be the biggest predictor of retention or churn for your fitness business.

In fact, data shows that those who don’t come to the gym 12 days a month have a significantly higher risk of quitting. Without requiring check-ins, members can slip through the cracks, and it’s hard to measure who’s drawing nearer to leaving.

Another significant benefit to tracking check-ins is the ability to celebrate attendance milestones. Not only is this engaging and rewarding for members, it keeps people accountable and makes them feel seen. For the long-term success of your business and brand loyalty, this is a big win.

5. Digital Waivers.

If you’ve ever used hard copies of a waiver at your gym, you know the joy of finding places to store your growing stack of 8.5 x 11” papers. And especially for gyms that get a significant number of drop-ins, digital waivers are a game-changer.

With PushPress Core, gone are the days of a complicated waiver process. Now, drop-ins and prospective members can sign the waiver online and register for class before they ever walk through your doors. Plus, drop-ins can pay for visits, to alleviate the stress of coaches having to collect payment when they arrive.

Improving the gym visitor experience
Core helps gym owners simplify the visitor experience for drop-ins and prospective members.

6. Get Started with PushPress Core for Free.

As gym owners ourselves, the PushPress team knows that opening a gym can be overwhelming. That’s why we created a free version of Core, designed to help gym owners bringing in less than $10,000 per month get started.

PushPress Free includes the essential features of the Core software, with some advanced functionalities and third-party integrations reserved for the Pro version. Your only fees are a 1% premium per transaction, and transaction fees of 1.8% for ACH and 3.9% for credit card. Best of all, it’s directly tied to your sales, meaning you pay as you grow. And you only pay if you’re bringing in revenue.

Pro Tip: Ready to find out more about how PushPress Core can help you run your gym more efficiently? Book a demo with our team today!

In Summary: Experience the Virtuosity of PushPress Core.

In the CrossFit world, founder Greg Glassman defined virtuosity as doing the common uncommonly well. And that’s exactly how PushPress aims to help you run your gym more efficiently.

  • Efficient billing helps you choose the options that best fit your gym.
  • The new appointments upgrade means you can sell high-ticket, appointment-based services to increase revenue.
  • Practical reporting helps you see how your gym is performing each month.
  • Tracking check-ins will help you make important business decisions.
  • Digital waivers allow you to say goodbye to paper storage and make the visitor experience seamless.
  • Plus, PushPress offers a free version of Core to help new gym owners get started.

By creating user-friendly, uncomplicated gym management software, PushPress gives you the solutions you need to run and grow your business.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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