Focus on Your Perfect Gym Clients Using our Free Avatar Worksheet

December 23, 2019
Focus on Your Perfect Gym Clients Using our Free Avatar Worksheet
PushPress is a gym management software on a quest to help gym owners professionalize and grow stronger healthier businesses. This article is part of our series exploring concepts of how to graduate from a fitness professional to a business professional.

There are a few critical things that lay the foundation of your boutique gym that very few gym owners do. First is establishing your core values - which set the tone for WHAT your company stands for and WHY you stand for it.The second key thing very few gyms take the time to do is really dig into the details of WHO their perfect client is.

The Perfect Client Avatar

To do this correctly, you need to define your perfect client avatar. A client avatar, defines the exact person who you are trying to help in your gym. This will answer in very clear terms the following:

  1. Who they are
  2. What they like
  3. What their day looks like
  4. Where they hang out
  5. What pains them
  6. How you can fix their pain

Get Going Now!

Download our Avatar worksheet for free and start building your perfect client avatar. Download the Avatar Worksheet

Why Build Your Gym's Client Avatar?

I know, many of you pretty much know exactly who you are going after. However, the process of actually putting this down on paper and being very precise about it will force you to define a very particular person. This is paramount to the success of your business, because it allows you to personify your perfect client and focus your energy on them.

Focus Wins Business

Focus is what wins in business. If you know everything abut your perfect client, you can tailor every aspect of your business to that person.How do you communicate to them? What can you say to bring authority to their problems? Where do you find them? How much can they afford for solutions to their pain? Defining this detailed persona will give you all of these answers - and allow you to be laser focused on the delivery of your service and business to this person.

Persona's In Action

While working with Obiike Fitness and Gym, one of our Local Marketing and Websites clients, we found pretty quickly that their targeted persona resonated more deeply with the general population of fitness seekers, as opposed to highly trained athletes. They were looking to help their local community in their weight loss and fitness goals. Having this direct understanding of their perfect client helped us work with them to shape the language, tone and content on their website. Speaking directly to this potential customer is important when trying to separate yourself from the competition. Similarly, when our clients at Kansas Athletic Club were working on their new EPOC programming, we helped them understand where their product differentiated from their standard CrossFit services. EPOC was meant for an entirely different demographic, and their website needed to reflect that in not only the wording and tone, but the imagery as well. Further, their persona development for EPOC allowed them to build a workout room that was designed far differently than their CrossFit space.

Start Designing Your Perfect Avatars Today

This important process can be completed in minutes if you have the correct template to build your avatars against. Luckily for you, we've built that template and it's available for free here! Download and start designing your avatars today. Begin using these avatars to help shape your exact product, message, and tone around what would appeal to them the best!

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