Generate Leads With a Snap Of A Picture

January 23, 2020
Generate Leads With a Snap Of A Picture

So, you want leads? Cool. You either need to out-spend competitors for ad space, or out-smart them with higher-converting tactics. Well, we can't print money for you (yet), but we do have some ideas on out-smarting the competition.

...*Insert* QR Codes...

Regardless the mechanism you use to capture leads, you'll want to make sure the lead capture process checks off a few items:

  • Easy and quick sign up process
  • Automatically add those leads to a lead system
  • Have a system for lead follow up

QR Codes are an easy way to get your lead landed onto a CTA (Call to Action) of your choice. The lead will open the camera app on their phone and place the QR code into the viewfinder which will prompt them to open the page associated with it. With QR codes you are able to capture lead info quickly and easily provided the landing page and CTA are not complex. Leveraging QR Codes can be an advantage as it circumvents the need for the prospect to type in a long web address. One key to using them effectively is to put very simple directions on how to use a QR code as some prospect may not fully understand.

Recently, Kansas Athletic Club partnered with a local supplement company, and gave any supplement clients 1-week free into KSAC EPOC Program. They used the QR method to make it easy for the supplement company customers to take advantage of the free classes. Here is what they did:

  1. Create a plan in PushPress “1 Week Free of EPOC”
  2. Grab the PushPress Landing Page for that plan
  3. Create a QR Code for that landing page link using
  4. Create a Business Card on Canva with the QR Code on it
  5. Print off the business cards with the printer of your choice.

If you’re a PushPress client, you’ll see that each person that signs up using this method will automatically be tagged as a lead, and you’ll see the source of the lead on the prospects lead detail. This will help you to gauge if the offer and the partnership are effective.

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