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Get To Know PSP3

Learn a little more about Nathan Hemphill and PSP3, and how he's aiming to bridge the gap between high school and college athlete development

Sam Karoll
December 20, 2021
Get To Know PSP3
Learn a little more about Nathan Hemphill and PSP3, and how he's aiming to bridge the gap between high school and college athlete development

It’s not every day that you walk into a gym and immediately have your attention drawn to something that makes you go - “Wow…that’s pretty incredible.” When you walk into PSP3 however, a sports performance center run by Nathan Hemphill in Kansas City, you’re greeted with a wall filled with the names of past clients and their respective college, professional, or military branch logos. Those same walls not only show the accomplishments of PSP3’s athletes at every level, but the passion and drive of Nathan’s team and program itself. Put simply? This place feels special, and as a past collegiate athlete myself, immediately feels like home.

Sam Karoll: Can you take a second to introduce yourself and your business?

Nathan Hemphill: So my name is Nathan Hemphill and I'm the Owner and Director of Sports Performance here at PSP3 in Kansas City.

Sam Karoll: How did you get started?

Nathan Hemphill: Well, I got started at PSP3 after working in the college and pro setting, doing strength conditioning. Loved the idea of being around athletes all the time but wanted to kind of bridge the gap between what the high school level was doing, what the college level was doing. And so about eight years ago, I decided to make the jump and to bring that mentality of the college pro approach back to high school kids here in Kansas City.

Sam Karoll: What drives you?

Nathan Hemphill: I think it's passion. I think finding quality people that want to work around you that have a passion for helping kids wanting to develop, not only to great athletes, but also great individuals.

Sam Karoll: What’s your favorite memory at PSP3?

Nathan Hemphill: I mean, there's so many of them. I think that the best member I have is all the walls that are around me. There are depicters of every one of those kids has a story of what they've been through in their entire middle school, high school, college career. And so just being a part of their small journeys is a pleasure of mine and my staff's as well.

Sam Karoll: How were things before PushPress?

Nathan Hemphill: I mean, pretty bad, I guess I would say. Gym-wise was great, but the admin side of all the paperwork and all this structuring, the schedules and check-ins, and the apps, was an absolute nightmare. Every single month, Tracy, my right-hand man and I would sit down and try to figure out what are we going to do next because we couldn't figure out who was coming to class, where all these charges were coming from, and it wasn't very streamlined.

Sam Karoll: How did you find PushPress?

Nathan Hemphill: We were originally Mindbody and a good friend of mine, Nick Reyes, approached me and said he had a great new product that I couldn't turn down. After talking to him for by 30 minutes, he had sold me on the idea of it and we've been a member since. I'm not sure what the year was, but I can tell you it's been a long time now. It's been great.

Sam Karoll: How has life changed after switching to PushPress?

Nathan Hemphill: I'd say business has been better after PushPress came in and took over our website. The lead system, the generator they created, has been phenomenal. The visual website has been great, as well as on my backend, on my side of doing the admin side, it's very streamlined. The app is easy to use. It's user friendly and it allows for our staff and our kids to kind of have a constant connection together, all the time.

Sam Karoll: How would you describe PushPress to a friend?

Nathan Hemphill: The system you have to have if you're going to be running a gym.

Sam Karoll: What’s your favorite thing about PushPress?

Nathan Hemphill: I would say probably the app, just because we run two facilities currently. So as the owner, I can look in and see who's going to be which facility, what's going on. So I know where our staff needs to be that day. Really helps us be able to stay on top of communication, which I think is one of the best parts of our business.

Sam Karoll: Is there anything you want to tell your staff or your athletes?

Nathan Hemphill: I think the biggest thing is that our hashtag is PSP3family, that everyone of the athletes in this program is a part of our family and our coaching staff is blessed to be able to have all of them with us.

Sam Karoll

Sam is our Community Manager for PushPress. He also owns and operates Xplore Nutrition, a personalized nutrition coaching service designed "for your lifestyle and goals by a Coach who's always available."

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