Here's the story of PushPress... what's yours?

October 18, 2019
Here's the story of PushPress... what's yours?

The journey of PushPress has been long - but when you're working with people you love, helping them do things you believe in, it's not arduous.Recently I was asked to tell our story on an inspiring site, Starter Story. I love this site, because you get to meet the founders of businesses of all sizes and hear their stories.Every business owner has a remarkable story, we are no exception here at PushPress. In fact, each of you, our clients have your own amazing stories. Why you chose to open your gyms, the struggles you faced to get it done, the people you have helped and the lives you have changed.

What's Your Story?

Starting a business takes grit - no matter what business you start. What's yours? Have you thought about it? Do you know how to tell it?People love stories. They gravitate to them. If you haven't crafted your story into something that's relevant to your audience, you should. Start here to learn how to build your brand story. Read this article for some tips on how to make it compelling.

Let's Tell Your Stories. Together.

PushPress stands tall as your gym's champion. We want you to succeed, because the world needs the work of our clients.You guys are helping fight epidemics like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and more with the great work you do. You help relieve stress in your clients day to day lives and you're doing the world a service.PushPress is working on a few content related ideas, and today's Starter Story made me realize - there's nothing stronger than putting your story out there to your community.

The Give: Let us help you craft and tell your story

You guys start working on your stories. I am going to start working on telling them with you. Pay close attention to our blog for your ability to submit your story to us - and we will work with you to produce something you can share with your community.I'll be working on the submission process and release in late October/early November the ability to submit to have your story told.We will publish it here on the blog, as well as get a digital copy and possibly audio or video to you to use for promotion on your side.

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