How One Florida Gym Owner Uses PushPress to Grow His Gym

Gym owner Nick Penizotto recently made the switch to PushPress for all his gym management needs. Here are five of his favorite tools for growth and revenue!

Emily Beers
September 20, 2023
How One Florida Gym Owner Uses PushPress to Grow His Gym
Gym owner Nick Penizotto recently made the switch to PushPress for all his gym management needs. Here are five of his favorite tools for growth and revenue!

On July 10th, long-time gym owner Nick Penizotto visited Syracuse, NY. While he was there, he dropped in at a gym that used PushPress for its gym management.

He recalls being impressed by the experience, in comparison to the software he was using at the time. Having been a gym owner since 2016 and trying various options, Penizotto said PushPress’ ease-of-use was an immediate draw. After his visit, he wasted no time in scheduling a free demo.

Penizotto uses PushPress for gym management
Gym owner Nick Penizotto uses PushPress for gym management.

Just two weeks later, he had made the switch. His gym - DRVEN in Lake Worth, FL - was up and running with PushPress.

Managing it All.

When Penizotto first used PushPress for his drop-in visit, he was taken by two things. First, how simple it was to use for the client. And second, that “everything was under one app,” he said.

At the time, he was using multiple platforms to manage various aspects of his gym. Members would track workouts in one app. Then they’d use another for reserving a spot in class or making changes to their membership. And yet another for retail purchases.

Penizotto says it was “clunky” and some of the platforms were challenging to use. So switching to PushPress - and having it all in one place - made a lot more sense.

“PushPress was just very user friendly, very simple to navigate and also does everything in one place,” he said.

Five Beneficial PushPress Features.

Though Penizotto is just two months into being a PushPress client, he said he’s already seeing all the ways it’s benefitting his business. Admittedly, he’s still learning all the ins and outs of the software. But he noted that it has already saved him time, helped him create a better member experience and increase gym revenue.

Here are five specific features he’s excited about:

1. Retail Sales.

People are creatures of convenience. So when it comes to retail sales, they’re more likely to make a purchase if it’s quick and easy. Penizotto explained that they now have the ability to purchase merchandise a lot more conveniently than they used to.

“They don’t have to try to remember another password to pay for something, which was the case before,” he said.

2. PushPress Grow.

One of the most beneficial products for both member acquisition and retention at Penizotto’s gym is PushPress Grow. Grow is a gym CRM with an ultimate goal of creating an unparalleled experience for members and leads. The software has been especially great for “streamlining the process” of nurturing leads, Penizotto explained.

“It’s way quicker, and lead contact time will be a lot easier,” he added.

DRVEN in Lake Worth, FL
A group workout at Penizotto’s gym, DRVEN in Lake Worth, FL.

Grow is just one of the many partnerships and integrations available with PushPress. Each one was specifically chosen based on providing beneficial products or services for gym owners.

Pro Tip: Want to find out how PushPress Grow can save you time with automated lead nurture and member experience? Book a demo with our team today!

3. Appointments.

Personal training is a significant source of revenue at Penizotto’s gym. Therefore, the Appointments feature in PushPress Core helps his team manage clients seamlessly.

His team is able to handle scheduling and billing all in one place, to make the entire process easy for both coaches and clients.

4. QR Codes.

Penizotto is also excited about the idea of using QR codes to promote new programs, events and even apparel in his gym.

“I have been playing around with starting a CrossFit Kids program, and sharing that landing page with a QR code,” he said.

Ultimately, he believes that adding QR codes will go a long way in getting his members to take action, and enjoy a “seamless purchase.”

QR codes to promote gym programs and events
Penizotto plans to use QR codes to promote upcoming gym programs and events.

5. Branded App.

Finally, Penizotto was also pretty excited about having a branded app specifically for his gym. He said it provides a lot of “social currency” with his clients today.

“It’s so cool to have an app in the app store,” he said.

In today’s digital world, he knows that it really sets his gym apart. And it’s something his members appreciate, and even tell their friends about.

In Summary: A Full Suite of Solutions with PushPress

Although Penizotto made a fairly spontaneous decision to switch to PushPress this past summer, he couldn’t be happier. His clients and coaches are happier, and his business is on a solid upward trajectory.

Penizotto noted that he’s confident to be in great hands with the PushPress team well into the future.

“PushPress is clearly listening to gym owners,” he said. “It’s very obvious they’re listening to what they need, and how to do the best. It’s so clear that it’s by gym owners and for gym owners, and that just tickles my strings.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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