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How PushPress Impressed an 18-Year Fitness Industry Veteran

After nearly two decades in the fitness industry, Nikki Kohlman thought she knew what to expect with gym management software. Then she discovered PushPress.

Emily Beers
December 6, 2023
How PushPress Impressed an 18-Year Fitness Industry Veteran
After nearly two decades in the fitness industry, Nikki Kohlman thought she knew what to expect with gym management software. Then she discovered PushPress.

Nikki Kohlman has been in the gym world for nearly two decades. Over the years, she has worked in various roles at multiple fitness facilities. And before discovering PushPress, she has used all kinds of gym management software. She even created her own CRM at one point, in an attempt to keep leads from falling through the cracks.

Three months ago, Kohlman became the COO of The Pitt Training Facility in Bozeman, MT. That’s when she started using PushPress for the first time. She immediately noticed a huge difference and the rest, as they say, is history.

Group classes at The Pitt Training Facility
Group classes at The Pitt Training Facility in Bozeman, MT. (Photo credit: The Pitt Training Facility)

Three Differentiators that Set PushPress Apart.

1. Customer Service.

Kohlman says the first thing that impressed her was the PushPress customer service team.

“It’s unlike any other company I have worked with in eighteen years,” she said. “Usually customer service with other companies is outsourced and it usually takes a while to get back to me.”

Instead, Kohlman was matched up with her own personal mentor, Gavin Martin. He reached out to her personally and offered to meet with weekly until she felt comfortable.

“We met once a week for two full months, and he answered all my questions about running reports and marketing,” Kohlman said. Martin walked her through creating effective workflows and even helped with SEO.

“Never have I seen a company help with that before,” she said. “Usually you’d have to hire another marketing company to do that.”

2. All-in-One Capabilities.

The second thing Kohlman was pleasantly surprised with was the ability to manage everything in one place with the various PushPress products.

“Before, I had to use different software for client management, marketing, text messages and making a newsletter,” she said. “And we were paying subscriptions for all of them. But this is a one-house shop.”

Having a single, “all in one” subscription allows her and her team to accomplish the full list of gym management tasks.

Using PushPress at The Pitt
The Pitt Training Facility uses PushPress for each leadership position. (Photo credit: The Pitt Training Facility)

“The system has everything needed for each leadership position at the gym,” Kohlman said. “The reporting needed to be a successful owner, the CRM capabilities to be a successful sales manager and client tracking to help the head coach. It really is a one-stop shop.”

And now, the all-new, merged PushPress Members App combines the Core and Train platforms into just one, easy-to-use app!

3. PushPress Grow.

Kohlman has been particularly impressed with PushPress Grow, which has made lead nurturing a largely hands-off process. However, this isn’t her first experience with automation. In the past, she had to pay a separate company to do what Grow does. Which makes her appreciate the fact that it’s already part of the PushPress suite of products.

Currently, Kohlman is currently without a sales manager and wearing lots of hats at The Pitt Training Facility. So having Grow in her corner to save her time has made a world of difference.

“As soon as a lead comes in, they automatically get a message in five to ten minutes,” she said. This saves her time and gives her peace of mind that leads are being funneled through the pipeline properly.

In addition, the tagging system in Grow has helped to effectively nurture leads with the proper communication. By tagging each one appropriately, Kohlman knows they’re being nurtured by the correct workflow.

“It’s hard to remember to do all that stuff, but now the workflows are doing it for me,” she said.

Personal training clients
Customized workflows communicate with leads, members and training clients. (Photo credit: The Pitt Training Facility)
Pro Tip: Want to find out how PushPress Grow can save you time with lead nurture and creating the ultimate member experience? Book a demo with our team today!

In Summary: The Tools You Need. The Team You Trust.

After 18 years in the fitness industry, Nikki Kohlman knows what she needs to manage a gym effectively. And after dabbling with all kinds of software, she knew she would never look back after finding PushPress.

“I have been in the fitness industry for almost two decades and have found PushPress to be one of the most comprehensive I have used,” she said.

Kohlman then added, “I would highly recommend this software to any other gym owner and would like to give high praise to Gavin. I would not have been able to be successful in this position if it weren’t for his weekly training with me, and the backend guidance he provided The Pitt Training Facility.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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