How To Automate the Perfect New Client Experience

August 19, 2019
How To Automate the Perfect New Client Experience

The sign up process is your first chance at capturing a lead. The lead is on your website or ad, and they are ready to learn more or sign up. If any part of that experience is too hard to understand, or involve too many steps, they might bounce. And once you lose a lead, they might be tough to get back.In the first episode of our weekly webinar, we dive into this exact process. Luckily, the tricks to simplifying and automating the process are not hard at all. There are just a few simple concepts and tools to leverage to make the experience smooth.Guide the lead experience with a redirect URLUsing a plan redirect allows you to take the member from a sign up page, directly into the next step of the process. This can be a link to your scheduling page, an invite to your facebook group, or even an FAQ page. You can get as creative as you like!Each plan in PushPress will allow you the option to set a plan redirect in the plan's settingsPlans - Redirect URLLeverage integrations to further customize the experienceWe firmly believe in allowing each business to create the software stack the will suit their specific needs. That is why we continue to work hard integrate so well with other leading software in the industry. In the video below, we highlight the use of Acuity scheduling software to allow the lead to schedule specific appointments on their own. This allows you more control over how leads can schedule, and for your staff members to better prepare for when the lead comes in.Acuity IntegrationWebinar Replay:

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