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How To Get Personal Training Clients

Learn the best ways to attract personal training clients and grow your business. From building a website and social media presence, to creating valuable content, we've got you covered.

Carly Moree
May 9, 2022
How To Get Personal Training Clients
Learn the best ways to attract personal training clients and grow your business. From building a website and social media presence, to creating valuable content, we've got you covered.

Getting clients for your personal training business doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, when you follow the below helpful tips and tricks, you might be surprised by how doable it is to start building your client list today.

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Write Down Your Values.

Take five minutes to sit down and write down what you value. Get specific. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did as you accrue more clients over the next several months. Why is this step important? Because when you are clear on what you value, you can take specific actions every day to turn those values into a reality. When we know exactly what we value, we know exactly what to do to accomplish those things that are important to us. For example, if you value working with clients who are runners, specifically, runners in their 30’s and 40’s, this will give you direction on where to market your services (hint: local running clubs and running stores).

Knowing your values will also help you spend more time targeting places that align with the audience you are trying to get in front of, rather than spending marketing efforts and time targeting people who aren’t actually your audience.

Create a Social Media Account

Try creating just one social media account to start with, such as Instagram. Many personal trainers make the mistake of launching multiple social media accounts at once. The result is never really posting to any of them because it ends up feeling too overwhelming. So start with just one, post videos and images daily, and focus on making the content unique to what you offer. Keep it simple to start with and then the more comfortable you get with it, you can begin expanding to other social media avenues.

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Send a Newsletter

Just the sound of a newsletter can make you want to cringe as a business owner, but it can really be a game-changer for getting clients. When creating a newsletter, keep these key points in mind.

Add a call to action:

Placing a link at the end of your newsletter (or throughout the text if your newsletter is long), gives readers and potential clients a direct link to click on such as “Reserve Your Spot.” You can also get creative with the wording. What really matters is that you have this hyperlinked text to your booking pages and/or contact pages so that prospects can easily book and easily reach out. The emphasis here is easily - You want to make it as straightforward as possible for them to get in touch with you if they are interested in learning more.

Send it consistently:

Similar to social media, consistency is the key player here. It doesn’t have to be every single week, but ideally, you’re sending it a minimum of once per month. This way you’re engaging with followers on a regular basis (followers who might not be on social media). Think of this as casting a wider net for bringing on new clients.

Add images:

Placing images throughout your newsletter is oftentimes what readers look for more so than text. You can even add videos of yourself performing different exercises or images of yourself accomplishing a personal goal. When you do add images or videos to your newsletter, try to make them as high-quality as possible.

Consider Offering Free Services

People love free services, so offering things like workouts and consultations at no cost every couple of months can really help grow your client base. It also gets the word out to the community about your expertise and service offering. Need some ideas of what to offer? Consider 30-minute phone calls where you share some tips with folks about what your approach would be to their fitness goals, or workout sessions in a nearby park or local gym. Hosting virtual workshops on a specific topic that you specialize in is also a great option.

Whenever you do anything, even when it’s free, make sure you keep the quality of your service very high. Every person you encounter is a potential client and they also have the power to share their opinion of you with others - so one client on a video call could turn into a few clients!

The only thing this costs you is your time. Chances are you’re already pretty busy with your day-to-day schedule, so you might be wondering how you can make time for any free service at all. Here’s a tip: Plan ahead. Add the free park workout to your calendar at least four weeks before you’re offering it (ideally six if you can) and promote it across your social media channels. This will give you plenty of time to incorporate it into your schedule so you don’t feel stressed.

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