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How to Maximize Gym Member Check-Ins this Fall

Gym member check-ins provide beneficial data that can help you predict and plan your business! Here are five ideas to maximize check-ins this fall season!

Emily Beers
August 29, 2023
How to Maximize Gym Member Check-Ins this Fall
Gym member check-ins provide beneficial data that can help you predict and plan your business! Here are five ideas to maximize check-ins this fall season!

It’s go time, gym owners! The summer is winding down and people are starting their fall routines. Which makes it the perfect season to use the heightened motivation to maximize gym member check-ins.

It’s a one-two punch to drive revenue and retention in your fitness business. The “fresh start” of the fall season motivates people to try new things. They’re up for challenges. They’re willing to try new programs. And whether they’re current or prospective members, they all want the same thing: Results.

Increase gym revenue and retention with check-ins
Increase gym revenue and retention by focusing on member check-ins.

The key to maximizing gym member check-ins though, is accountability. Even though they’re motivated, they’re busy and navigating new schedules. So they’ll likely need more hand-holding to keep them accountable to their commitment.

Five Ways to Increase Gym Member Check-Ins.

How can you get clients showing up and being consistent? Here are five ideas to maximize gym check-ins this fall season:

1. Goal-Setting Sessions.

The first step in reaching goals is setting them. With that in mind, organize a calendar of opportunities to meet with your members and help them set goals. By outlining what they’re trying to accomplish in the upcoming months, they’ll have something measurable to shoot for.

Yes, these goal-setting sessions can be time-consuming but they’re incredibly valuable to your members. This is a form of personal coaching so you may want to consider charging like you would for a personal training session. Otherwise, go the “help first” route and think of it as one more tool to help your community succeed.

Pro Tip: Use the all-new Appointments feature in PushPress Core to set up sessions quickly and easily. Not a PushPress client? Book a demo with our team today to find out more!

2. Double Down on Gym Member Check-Ins.

Make sure to include gym member check-ins as part of each members’ goal-setting session. This way, they’re not only focused on strength- or endurance-related goals. They’re also tracking their consistency, which adds up to big results over time.

From there, it’s critical that you hold members accountable. But never fear, this doesn’t have to be complicated. First, the dashboard in PushPress Core will show you the At-Risk Report. This allows you to see who hasn’t checked in for more than one week. Second, you can set up PushPress Grow workflows to automatically check in with them via text.

Oftentimes, all it takes is a nudge to remind people of their commitments. When they know that you and your coaches care about their attendance, they’re likely to be in class the next day.

As an example, Fixed on Fitness in Milton, FL, has created a culture of consistency. The 180-person gym was able to improve their member retention rates through diligent use of gym member check-ins.

Focus on gym member check-ins
Emphasize the importance of gym member check-ins for your fitness business.

3. Create a Workflow.

What if you could use the power of automation to keep your entire gym community motivated throughout the fall season?

Start by compiling a list of ideas to motivate, educate and entertain your members. For example, educate them about why you’ve programmed the movements in your current training cycle. Then share videos to demonstrate those movements. Or, if you have a gym blog, you could share your latest posts.

Further, if you’re rolling out a nutrition coaching program this fall, include that in your workflow as an added option.

Once you have a list of helpful content, create an eight-week “fall commitment” workflow in PushPress Grow. The emails and texts will serve as motivating touch points to hold them accountable. The idea is to remind people that help is available, and that you care about their health and fitness.

4. Launch a Commitment Challenge.

There’s nothing like a challenge to kickstart people’s motivation. For some, simply committing to fitness again seems like too lofty a goal. But gym challenges are inherently shorter by nature, which makes them seem more doable.

Launch a commitment challenge for your community this fall. Ask them to log as many gym member check-ins as possible over the course of three months. Consider offering up bonus points for things like social media posts, inviting friends, etc.

Prizes can be anything from bragging rights to gift cards to a free month of membership. As with most things, the more unique (or hard to acquire) the prize is, the greater people’s motivation will be.

5. Highlight Personal Training Options.

For some of your members, a basic level of accountability simply won’t be enough. If you have clients who admittedly struggle to get started or show up consistently, personal training could be a great solution.

Personal training and coaching options
Personal training can be a great option for members who need higher accountability.

Oftentimes, simply having a set appointment with a trainer means they’re more likely to show up. And high-ticket gym services like personal training usually come with increased fees, which can also be a great motivator.

The fall is a great time for personal training in general. Not only for those who struggle to get back into the rhythm, but also those with specific goals that require extra coaching. Plus, it’s a great option for new clients who simply might feel intimidated by the group environment.

In Summary: Get the Consistency Train Rolling.

It’s the perfect time of year to focus on gym member check-ins to drive consistency and retention numbers. For current members, prospects and those who’ve fallen off the bandwagon, now is the time to get everyone in the groove.

Start by helping them set goals with a specific focus on check-ins. Consider launching a commitment challenge. For those who might need a little extra help, highlight your personal training options. Then use automations to help you motivate, educate and entertain your clients along the way.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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