How To: Use AI Writing Assistants to Generate More Gym Leads

Learn how to use AI writing assistant tools will dramatically increase your ability to put quality blog posts out in no time flat!

Dan Uyemura
April 7, 2022
How To: Use AI Writing Assistants to Generate More Gym Leads

Learn how to use AI writing assistant tools will dramatically increase your ability to put quality blog posts out in no time flat!

Are you looking for ways to generate more leads at your gym? If so, you should consider using AI writing assistants like Jasper.ai. Jasper can help you create well crafted Local SEO content that will help you attract more customers to your business. In this blog post, we will explain how to use Jasper to create high-quality blog posts that will help you generate more leads and improve your bottom line.

Step 1 - Sign Up For Jasper

First, you'll need an AI Writing Assistant account.  Head over to Jasper to get a free account (use this link to get 10,000 free credits to try it out!)

Jasper is a very easy to use AI tool that helps you create content.  It can even help write things like ads, facebook or Instagram posts, and product descriptions!

Understanding AI Writing Tools

It's important to note: AI writing tools will not write yoru blog posts for you.  They simply cannot understand your gym, your gym clients, or your profession as well as you do.

AI writing tools can, however, help you blast out large chunks of content with easy once you understand how to use them effectively.  (That's what this blog post will teach you to do!)

Step 2 - Open The Blog Post Writing Assistant

Let's start writing your first blog post!

Open up the Jasper tool and click the + button next to documents, then click on "Blog Post Workflow"

Once you click on that - it will open up a wizard to help you get started!  Enter a very detailed description of what you want to write.  

Post Description

Start your description with "a blog post" so Jasper knows you are writing a blog post.  

In the description, I try to include my business name, so Jasper knows we're talking about a particular business. I also try to include anything that can tip Jasper off to what kind of topic we'd like to discuss and dive into.

For this example, let's write a post generally talking about the concept of "lowering carb intake to lose weight" - as weight loss and carbs are both highly searched topics.

For the description I entered:

"A blog post explaining why eating less carbohydrates can be good for general weight loss, if the person is not seeking athletic of sport specific training.  Refined foods and processed carbohydrates are often low in nutritional value and high in calories - and at XYZ gym we help our clients lose more weight faster with the help of nutritional guidance and accountability."

Post Keywords

And for the keywords, I entered:

Weight Loss, Carbs, XYZ Gym

Jasper will tune into those keywords and use them often, as those are the things we will be working towards getting noticed for.

Clicking "save" will load that data into Jasper.

Post Title

Now the magic and the fun can start.

In the Title section below, click on "Generate Ideas".  Jasper will go to work and create Titles for you to choose from.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it came up with about 5 options for me.  I ran with the title "Eating Less Carbs Can Help You Lose Weight: The Truth About Carbohydrates and General Weight Loss"

Intro Paragraph

Once you select the title, you can build your Intro Paragraph.  Just like the title, you can have Jasper create the introduction for you.  It will also give you multiple options to choose from - you can see the one I picked below.

So far, total time spent: 3 minutes.

Editing The Blog Post

Now, we can save the work and get going on the actual blog post.

Remember - and this is where many people fail with AI. It's not meant to write the article for you like magic.  It's meant to help you fill in the blanks with content, which you can edit or manipulate to enhance.

You will see Jasper opened a new view with your intro paragraph included. I like to break mine up into smaller paragraphs, as you can see below.  

The I enter my first "topic". Which I'll make an H2, so Jasper knows this is a topic to discuss.

Placing the cursor below my topic, I click the "Compose" button on the bottom left corner of the screen, and Jasper will start writing the post for me.

Jasper will knock out chunks of copy, stopping every so often allowing you to edit or change (or remove) content if it's going the wrong direction.

To achieve the post block you see below, I clicked "Compose" three times and made some light edits in between each.

While clicking the Compose button for the 3rd time, Jasper decided it was time to move on, and it created a new topic for me "How to Reduce Your Carb Intake".   Turns out it was a pretty perfect topic shift, so I'm leaving it.

Note, Jasper didn't make the new topic an H2, so I needed to do that to ensure Jasper knew we were working in a new topic block.

Clicking the Compose button 2 more times and slight editing resulting in this:

The Tie-In Topic

Whenever we write content, we want to bring value to our clients in a way that's helpful to them, but also tie it back to our business, so they understand that we're here to help if they need it.

For the next topic, I make sure to write it, since I know exactly where I want it to go - I need it to tie back to the nutrition coaching we do at XYZ Gym.  So I manually type "XYZ Gym Nutrition Coaching Is Here To Help!"

Then I write the following so I can take advantage of Jasper's "boss mode".  Boss Mode is made so you can tell Jasper exactly what you want to write.  So I enter the following:

"A paragraph introducing to the audience that XYZ gym has a nutrition coaching service and our certified nutrition coaches are making changes in our client's lives every day!"

When you highlight text and then use the hotkey "Command/Control + Enter", it will execute Jasper to follow the direction you laid out and replace your directions with the actual copy.

Here's what Jasper replaced my highlighted instructions with - not bad if you ask me!

Relevant Gym Blog Posts In Lightning Fast Time!

The total time it took me to compose the ~500 word blog post I just took you through was 8 minutes.  How much more perfect I want to make it, that's up to me.  

For the purpose of this tutorial - the post was pretty darn good, and it took me almost no time to crank it out!

Why Blog for Your Gym?

Blogging for your gym is a time commitment (one we can minimize with Jasper!) - but it's well worth it.  

Blogging signals to Google that you're not only running a business that's operating, but one that's providing value to its community in the form of educational articles and blog posts.

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