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More Leads, More Revenue: Here’s What’s Coming to PushPress Grow

At PushPress, finding solutions to help you run your fitness business better is what we're all about. Here are some new features coming to PushPress Grow!

Emily Beers
July 19, 2023
More Leads, More Revenue: Here’s What’s Coming to PushPress Grow
At PushPress, finding solutions to help you run your fitness business better is what we're all about. Here are some new features coming to PushPress Grow!

A fun and exciting thing happens when the PushPress team asks gym owners like you about how we can help you run your gym better. We get to create solutions that actually help you run your gym better!

After all, finding solutions is what we’re all about. And as a team of gym owners ourselves, we understand that what worked in the past might not be the best option now.

We know we have to constantly evolve. And that means consistently gathering feedback to create new tools and integrate new concepts for you. Our ultimate goal is to help you succeed, and make everyone’s lives easier. It starts with you and trickles down to your staff and your gym members, too.

PushPress Grow helps gym owners with lead nurture and increasing revenue
PushPress Grow workflows help nurture leads and increase revenue-generating opportunities.

So what’s on the docket for upcoming quarter? Check out some of the new features that you can expect from PushPress Grow in the near future.

New PushPress Grow Features on the Horizon.

Improved Lead Generation.

One of the struggles we often hear from gym owners is not getting enough leads. In an effort to help, we’ve recently upgraded the PushPress websites that are included with Grow. We enlisted the help of SEO experts to optimize websites with lead generation as a top priority.

Ben Rocha, Product Manager for PushPress Grow, said this upgrade could be a game-changer for Grow clients.

“This has shown a significant increase in the number of leads a PushPress website can expect to generate,” said Rocha.

More Robust Lead Nurture.

The goal of helping gyms acquire more leads doesn’t stop with the website. The PushPress team is also in the process of expanding lead-nurture tools. Some of these new tools are designed to target warm leads, or those who’ve expressed interest but haven’t yet signed up. In an attempt to keep in touch until they buy, we’re designing a more robust, longer-term workflow sequence.

And as we move toward the end of the year, expect to see even more upgrades and improved automations. Our goal is to help with both lead conversion and member retention. And this includes cutting-edge, AI-generated solutions to answer commonly-asked questions in your gym.

Pro Tip: Looking for even more help with lead generation and conversion? Reach out to our friends at LASSO, who will help you craft an offer and get it in front of the right audience!

The Content Library.

Another great thing about working with gym owners is finding out what kinds of workflows would be most beneficial to them! We’ve gathered feedback and launched the all-new PushPress Grow Content Library.

The Content Library allows you to see the full collection of workflows, and opt in to whichever options you need.

For example, the initial launch includes content designed specifically for CrossFit affiliates. We discovered that new members in a CrossFit gym are often overwhelmed by the learning curve. From terminology to movements, it’s a lot to take in. So we designed the workflow to educate new members one step at a time. The text and email sequence provides the info they need in small, consistent pieces over time. This helps members feel comfortable during the gym onboarding process and sets them up to be long-term members.

CrossFit onboarding program options
Prevent overwhelming new members with too much information during CrossFit onboarding programs.

Four Tips to Improve Your Current Grow Performance.

On the PushPress side, we’re constantly working to make things easier and more efficient for you as a gym owner. And to amp that up even more, Rocha offered these four suggestions:

1. Embrace the Power of Automation.

If you’re still relying on any old, manual processes to manage your leads, it’s time to make the leap and let automation help.

Think of it this way: Managing even a dozen leads over the course of time can really add up. Lead generation experts like LASSO recommend numerous contact points that can sometimes take up to six months before someone converts. Manually sending texts and emails to that many leads for that long could fill up your days. And some are bound to slip through the cracks.

The answer is simple: From drop-ins to creating the ultimate member experience, let automation handle the workload for you.

2. Human Connection is Still Key.

Though we love automation, we also have to prioritize the power of human connection.

Even though the automation in PushPress Grow is like the administrative assistant that never sleeps, you’ll sometimes need to step in and connect. Especially when it comes to things like responding to gym reviews or answering specific questions for leads.

Rocha says things like this are often overlooked. But they can go a long way in increasing member retention and driving revenue in the long run.

3. Make Sure You’re Using the Key Workflows.

Even though the PushPress team is always creating new workflows, there are a few tried-and-true options you should definitely be using.

Check out these six revenue-driving workflows to launch at your gym today!

Pro Tip: Want to learn more about how PushPress Grow can save you time and help you succeed? Book a demo with our team today for more information!

4. Overcome the Intimidation.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how intimidating it can be to come into the gym for the first time.

The PushPress Grow workflows are designed to lay the groundwork. As Rocha explained, we want to ease their nerves so they actually show up. From there, we get to continue the process in person.

Welcome new members to increase sales and conversion rates
Greet new leads at the door to overcome intimidation and increase sales closing rates.

“This starts from welcoming the new person when they arrive at the gym,” he said. “A genuine interest in the new person can be felt by the new person. And helps break down some of the barriers that people create for themselves between joining a new community.”

Rocha added, “When a person finds a community that welcomes them, they will continue to show up, and eventually will be that person that welcomes new people.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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