Do you have both Passive and Active Referral Systems in place at your gym?  Read on to find out about both of these systems and how they can affect your membership. Register for our free webinar to learn more!

PushStart is beginning a new module next week centered around marketing and we are kicking it off with a discussion on Referral Systems!

A Referral System is just a plan for getting your current members to bring you more members. The quality of your plan will be determined by how effective it is at getting your members to bring in their friends and family, when they otherwise wouldn’t!

Passive Referral Systems could be as simple as automated emails that go out to your members on a regular interval, asking them if they have anyone they’d like to bring in for a “free trial”. It might be supported by a financial incentive: “We’ll give you $50 off your next month’s membership for everyone you refer!”

These types of systems don’t take a lot of resources (time, energy, money) but typically don’t produce any inspiring results.

Active Referral Systems could start with the above passive system, but then add things like referral-specific community events and in-person requests from the coaching staff. Because there are more personal ‘touch points’ these active systems tend to net more referrals, at the cost of time and energy spent on managing the processes and experiences.

“Referrals are the easiest and most sincere form of marketing we do at CrossFit Prescott Valley.  We don’t have a huge marketing budget.” said Kevin Hilton “Having our happy clients tell their friends about us is the life blood of our new memberships!”

Want to learn more about which system is best for your current business? PushStart will have their weekly webinar next Thursday, January 2nd at 1PM PST.  Reserve your spot today and learn how to improve your memberships with Referral Systems.