Our newest release of Screens is another proof point as to why “All-In-Ones” are bad for your business.  Read on to see why, and what this release brings.

Another Nail In The All-In-One Coffin

Part of our mantra here is that “all-in-ones” are a terrible idea. (read here, here, here and here)

One key reason for that, is in the race to build more and more features to be an “all in one” you cannot have the resources to continually upgrade and update existing areas of your product.

It’s simple math: The more you do, the less you can focus on any one piece.  In contrary to that corollary, by focusing on your core competencies, you can continually refine and perfect your product. 

The 3rd Version of our Popular Screens Is Here!

In line with this concept, we’re pleased to announce the release of the THIRD major version of our screens app.  This version fixed some core UI/UX issues with our previous version, and introduced some massive improvements under the hood.  These improvements not only increased the speed and responsiveness of the Screens – but they also set us up to easily scale to millions of displays.

And best of all – the general look, feel and interactions will remain the same, so there’s almost zero learning curve when upgrading versions.

Built In Revenue Booster!

One hidden feature of this release is a simple tool to help you boost revenue in your gym.  A simple diamond indicator has been placed next to leads and trialing members.  This alerts your coaches on the floor instantly who is new to the gym, and allows for them to make sure their early experiences are excellent.

You can take this one step further and teach your members what the symbol means, and ask them the warmly greet the new member and introduce themselves.

This simple and subtle enhancement was meant to help you better convert leads to long standing clients, and boost your overall revenue.

Just another way we’re building systems that allow our clients to win in their local markets.

Ready to Get Started?

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Screens Update Details

Core Architecture Update

We’ve rebuilt the whole system as a native app on top of a new data structure that’s up to 3000% faster.  Check-ins will now appears on the screens almost instantly, with less latency and network cost.

SugarWOD / Kilomodo Integration

Our focus is on professionalizing your gym, and we believe in trying to keep one branded, unified look and feel across all your touchpoints with your clients.  Our screens have your colors and branding, and are consistent with our check-in app and our store app.

Integrating your workouts right to your PushPress screen from your external workout tracking system allows you to maintain your branding and unified experience without the double work of entering your workouts in both systems.

Trialing / Lead Notification

First impressions are hard to shake – so give your leads a little extra attention and love when they’re in class.  Any lead who’s checked into class will be designated with a subtle diamond indicator next to their name.  This allows your coaches to know who’s new to the gym and make sure their experience is superb!

Member Headshots

Add a personal touch to your class attendance screen by uploading headshots.  These headshots will appear uniformly on the check-in app as well as the screens to give your coaches a clear indication as to who’s in the class.

Redesigned Class Screen

Our new Screens show the classes over a timeline, allowing for an easily visual representation of when classes are occurring.  We cleaned up the member display, adding headshots and making the first names bigger and easier to read.

Workout Font Scaling

Now your coaches can use your Fire TV remote to scale the font sizes up and down on the workout screen.  This flexibility allows for the clean display of any reasonable workout.  Our new screens can now support workouts entered with a maximum of 26 lines of text!


Download Now

PushPress Screens 3.0 are available now on the Amazon Fire TV App Store.  Login to your Fire TV and using the search functionality enter “PushPress Screens”.  Or click here and add to your account.


Why don’t you support a simple computer and mouse?
Keyboards and mice are not designed to be on gym floors.  Not only is it unsanitary in general, but it’s ill-suited for quick and easy use.  We believe in using the proper technology for the job, and a computer is meant to be used in an office, at a desk.  Screens with remotes are perfect for gym floor applications.

Plus, a keyboard and mouse will cost at least 5x more than an Amazon Fire TV will.

Why don’t you support Apple TV
Two reasons.  First, it’s overkill that you’re paying for.  Apple TV’s are multimedia powerhouses.  We need fractional computer power, so save the money and get an inexpensive Fire Stick.  Secondly, the remotes on Apple TV’s currently don’t function as nicely for this application as a Fire TV remote does.

Why don’t you support other platforms/devices?
Since every device and platform will have their own unique development requirements, we chose to simplify everything and use only the one best suited for the job.  This allows us to focus on building one good experience, as opposed to trying to support multiple versions of the same application.

Can non-PushPress clients use these Screens?
No.  This is an add on to enhance the experience for our clients. Not a client? Talk to us!

I’m a PushPress Client, how can I get support for screens?
Use the existing support system from inside your Control Panel.

Do you really think All-In-Ones are a terrible idea?
Absolutely, yes.