Lead System Update

April 7, 2016
Lead System Update

We have just pushed a number of changes to our lead system this week that will streamline how you and your coaches can manage new leads. The goal of these changes was meant to make your lead intake process more efficient (and ultimately, as automated as possible).

  • Smart Referrals - Now, by default, the Lead Landing Page we build for you will automatically try to sniff out where this lead came from. If we determine the referring source, we will autopopulate one of the following:
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Your website
  • Other (with the URL included in the other field).
  • Coach Referral Links - Now, your coaches will be able to publish links and automatically get credit for the referral. The backend of the system is in place, but we have not published a tool for your coaches to get their referral links just yet. So, if you’re interested in this feature contact us and we can supply this link for you.
  • Lead Auto Assignment - If the lead has specified a particular coach as their referral the lead will auto assign (and notify) that coach that they have a new lead assignment. This worked to some degree with our previous system, but we’ve put in a lot of enhancements around this.
  • Cleaner Messaging - We’ve cleaned up the messages being sent from the system a bit.
  • Slack Integration - We’ve added a new integration for Slack just for Leads. Now you can funnel all lead notifications directly to a lead channel of your choosing.
  • Coach Slack Integration - Coaches can now have their Slack username entered, allowing for direct messaging and tagging of the coach in messages. This is initially used in the Lead Assignment slack, if the coach has a slack username entered, it will tag them in the message. We will use this integration more in the future to communicate directly with a coach.
  • Slack Fun - We’ve taken a page out of digit.co’s playbook and started slacking some fun gif’s when it’s time to celebrate!

There’s also a ton of “under the hood” changes we just made that continue to set up our path for future development and features. As those come to light, we will be announcing them here!

– Dan

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