Lead(ing) Management - PushPress Style

February 16, 2015
Lead(ing) Management - PushPress Style

Managing leads can be a time consuming, but necessary task in order to grow your business. It’s an area that, without asales background, can be foreign togym and studio owners who spent most of their time learning and perfectingtheir talents as coaches and instructors.Why is it important to have leadmanagement?Leads cancome from mailers, social media, promotions, events, and other means where apotential client may be interested or may have a need for your product butmaybe they just don’t know it. Lead management comes from using tools withtechniques to systematically enable lead tracking into sales opportunities.While not all leads convert to sales, or memberships, they are still anintegral part of the sales and marketing process. Knowing who your potentialcustomer is, and where they come from demographically can help you center yourfocus onto more specific marketing strategies and target them more efficiently.What are we doing at PushPress tohelp you manage your leads?-We created a cleaner process intracking leads through a simple sales funnel. You do not need to pre-define thesteps in the funnel. They are color coded and ready for you.- Assign the lead to acoach/staff member. This will keep coaches and staff accountable to theprospective members. You will know who is killing it in sales and who may needa little guidance to benefit your business overall.-Notifications to the coach orstaff member on lead assignment.-Automation of moving a convertedlead into a membership plan.-More of that PushPresssimplistic elegance. The new right rail navigation system to easily choose whatyou want to view and edit. Collapse and expansion of options to keep yourscreen from appearing cluttered with too much data that you don’t need to seeat that moment.You can find Leads under thePeople section of your management control panel. We are still running scenariosthrough the new parts of this feature and we encourage our PushPress family toput their leads through it and let us know of anything that needs improvementor is glitchy (but we hope to catch them before you do).

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