Lessons learned from poor User Experience

January 1, 1970
Lessons learned from poor User Experience

A captivating opening and title

  • don't let technology fail your gym
  • don't let poor user experience loose a member
  • People want to workout, don't make it harder than necessary
  • How 90% of gym owners can increase their lead conversion with this simple 5 minute exercise.
  • How to make a simple 5 minute change to your website to increase new lead conversions

opening paragraph: (tell a story or a joke, be empathetic, or grip the reader with an interesting fact or statistic.)I think i can come up with a statistic based on amount of people looking at your gym website vs leads gained. Maybe look at fuses site or nicks as can get data from GA vs leads.Getting into the mindset of your prospect, when they are shopping around gyms, looking at your website do you think they are more likely to take action on a gym that is offering a direct call to action to redeem an offer (no sweat intro) or way to start (foundations course) or a form to 'contact us' if you are willing to start. I hope you know that the former is the way to go. You have to understand when prospects are looking at your site, they are emotionally ready to commit, you have to provide a firm way for them to take action and give them something in return. A promise of a back and forth conversation via a contact form is not this, and that is why you are likely not capitalizing on converting potential new clients.The problemThe solutionThe executionNeed to add proof to back up claimWhat problems do they need to solve ->Show I understand what they are looking to solve ->There is a spectrum for completing any task. You can do it really well, or really bad and every variation in between. When the bare minimum is done for XYZ feature we call it "checking the box". More often than not for the end user, it's better that this feature isn't available at all.unique angleWhat unique opinion do I have that’s different than anyone else’s? -> that its best to not release a feature at all rather than "checking the box" -> what is checking the boxhow will it help my audience? needs to speak to its audience’s interests, needs, preferences and pain points. -> pain point is poor user experience "have you ever been frustrated by software or a system where it made no sense to you? has it ever let you down a path of selecting the wrong choice, only to realize after said choice was made you should have selected the other one?I bet the outcome of your confusion was not sending millions of Hawaiians dive-rolling behind their couch like what happened last week when that poor operator inadvertently selected the wrong option from a dropdown menu to broadcast a live missile alert warning!! Still, you had to manage something less than idealSpeak to interest -> running a gymSpeak to need -> You need your gym to be successful, you can't be successful if your time is being sucked up by bad user experience. Taking 10 minutes is not satisfactory to for new client onboarding at PushPress, we aim to drop this from minutes to seconds. When we benchmark how quick it is to for a member to check themselves in using our check-in app, we record down to the millisecond! How do we achieve that?Multiple fail pointsAdd a conclusionThe only way to tell for sure your new strategy is working is to look at your metrics. Record the date you made the switch to a more action oriented ask, compare the number of new people that made it into the gym, 60 days before the switch vs 60 days after the switch. You will be surprised, I guarantee it.Find a Great Image. I recommend Flickr. Under the “advanced search” link, check the creative commons button and make sure you credit the photographer. If you want to go with stock photography

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