Marketing Automation: Feedback Loops/Reviews

March 13, 2017
Marketing Automation: Feedback Loops/Reviews

In the gym industry, people join gyms for a variety of reasons including cost, location, references, amenities and experience. At my gym, CrossFit COMO, we are constantly asking those who utilize our services to give us feedback and provide references.

What’s a feedback loop?

A feedback loop is a check point in your client experience to see if the service you are providing meets the standards that you set.

Types of feedback loops

- Net Promoter Score- Surveys- Reviews

Why should you integrate feedback loops?

This gives you an opportunity to build good will with your clients, follow up on a recent visit with drop-ins, and get a pulse on your gym. In another blog post, I’ll outline how to use a feedback loop to generate member stories.

How to implement using PushPress?

Lets examine the drop-in experience at CrossFit COMO.When people visit my gym, a few things happen. Ideally they begin by landing at and read the policies, buy a drop-in and preregister for a class.Then they attend, check-in when they arrive, have a great experience and then are sent an automated email asking them to provide a review of their experience.So now that we understand what that looks like, lets use PushPress to implement.1) Create a “List” in Mailchimp called “Gym Name Drop-Ins”.2) Connect PushPress to Mailchimp using Integrations.3) Navigate to your Drop-in Punchcard under Plans.4) Under “Other Info” change Mailchimp Plan List to “Gym Name Drop-Ins”.5) Navigate back to Mailchimp and create an Automation with Workflow recipe “Educate Subscribers”.6) Set the Trigger to be 1 week after subscribe join or imported to your list.7) Design Email (use this template).8) Save everything and enable automation.9) #Boom. Watch reviews come in.You can also do this at variable touch points with your members in their automation sequence. We send out a vary similar email at the 6 week mark after people join our gym.In health,Mike

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