Member Retention Tactics

September 6, 2019
Member Retention Tactics

You spend tons of time, money and effort to bring leads in. Your sales process is like money in the bank. Once you've acquired and converted a member, arguably the next most important thing is retention. The last thing you want is that member to walk out the door, 3 months later, after you have invested all that time and effort into bringing that lead.In this week's webinar, we cover some tools available in your PushPress system, to help optimize your retention practicesThe basic recipe in PushPress is quite simple:

  1. Make sure each member has an assigned coach.
  2. Ensure members are actually checking in
  3. Use the PushPress Screens to allow your coaches to highlight members on the fly
  4. Use the At-Risk report to find out which members have not checked in for a while, and follow up with them
  5. Build a culture of energy and excitement. Get members excited and looking forward to your classes!

If you missed the live feed, here is a repost of the full recording.

 Next week (9/9), the PushPress staff will be on retreat. There will be no webinar on Thursday 9/12. But we will be having a special live session with the entire staff on Tuesday!

First Ever Team AMA

When: Tuesday, September 10th at 2pm PST.Where: goes, ask us anything!During the retreat we will be doing a live AMA (actually AUsA) event. We can field questions on the industry or the product if you're curious, but we'd actually prefer random questions like:"Lebron, Kobe or Michael?""Who would win in a battle-royale, engineering or sales?""Does Barry wear boxers, briefs, or boxer-briefs"We're taking question ahead of time to ensure more questions can be asked and answered.Have a question you want to ask the team, shoot them to for inclusion on the live AMA.Ask Us Anything

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