Mixing it Up- PushPress Lead Management and Facebook Ads.

March 9, 2015
Mixing it Up- PushPress Lead Management and Facebook Ads.

Maximizing Your Facebook Ad - With Your Lead PageI’ve used Facebook Ads 3 times in my 6 operating months of business at Ari CrossFit. Every time I turn on a Facebook Ad for my page, I get new calls and new emails. Here’s what I learned to maximize using Facebook Ads and PushPress’ Lead Management System.Facebook Reaches the Target Market. Very Well.Facebook allows you to target people with specific areas, behaviors, interests, and even what kind of phones they own. You don’t have to hire a marketing expert to do this, but you should know who you want to reach and what interests they have.Link your Ad to Your Lead PageBy promoting your lead page, you will make the best bang for your buck. Your advertising picture is likely going to attract a lot of “likes” anyways but you don’t want to be charged for people “liking” you. You want to be charged for people with real interests, those who goes to your website and leave their information. I’ve gotten 6 people leaving their information from 90 likes, and 20 page visits. And paid about $6. That’s $1 per REAL interest. This is definitely the cheapest form of advertising I’ve found.Free Trials and Follow-UpsMy gym offers a free trial class. Many will join right after their trial, but I’m not always lucky. Many people liked my service, but don’t quite make up their mind. They will go home, and chances are, they forget about me. However, one simple call/email can make a difference.I Needed a SystemI’ve been getting too many Facebook likes, calls, facility visits, and free trials that don’t convert to memberships mainly because I haven’t followed up with them. It’s a sales job and it’s hard when I’m also writing WODs for athletes, updating our website, coaching classes, managing employees, and have another full time job.PushPressI found PushPress through Apple Store, contacted them and have become their beta user. I can’t thank them enough for creating a system that easily allows me to see which stage a lead is at. Leads can also be assigned to my staff to take loads off of me. In my experience, they also have the best customer service.Pursue ExcellenceI’ve pursued excellence in coaching. Now I’m pursing excellence in business. Which means pursuing excellence in sales. PushPress has given me a tool to do just that… to be professional in sales management.-San Teekasub, Ari CrossFitAbout the Author:San is a multicuturally-raised Bangkok born whose goal is to build a diverse friendly community of all fitness levels. He owns and operate Ari CrossFit, “Bangkok’s Friendliest Gym” (Bangkok,Thailand)

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