Adding new members to our team! Who is it?

May 9, 2017

We just added some new faces around here!

It’s been an amazing year here at PushPress. We’ve launched an unprecedented amount of new features and upgrades and kept vigilant on squashing issues as they come up.

Along the way, we’ve also been growing in terms of the number of clients we get the opportunity to help.

As a fellow gym owner, I always like to relate aspects of PushPress to aspects of owning a gym. The best part of growing your client base is you have additional cash flow to invest in your facility and team - to enable you to further help more members of your community in a more meaningful way.

With that, I’d like to announce two new formal additions to the PushPress team.

Nick Reyes is joining the team as our Chief Revenue Officer and James Plata is joining our team as a dedicated Client Success Agent.

In keeping with our traditions, both of these excellent individuals are gym owners themselves, and understand the complexities and nuances of owning and operating a facility from within the communities we serve.

Nick Reyes

Nick is a co-owner of CrossFit 913 in Overland Park, KS. As CRO, Nick will be responsible for helping our clients successfully onboard as PushPress clients and pave our financial growth in years to come. Our financial growth is imperative to all of our clients, as it allows us to continually reinvest in our product, team, and processes.

Prior to joining the PushPress team on a full time basis, Nick was responsible for a $15M annual pipeline of sales for a Fortune 50 company. Over the last 6 years he negotiated and closed multi year contracts worth up to $14m in Canada, US, and Mexico. Nick’s business to business sales experience dates back to his early 20’s after being Honorably Discharge from the United States Marine Corps.

Nick lives in Overland Park with his wife, daughter and their two dogs, and is an avid golfer and weightlifter. He can also out jump, out clean, out strict handstand push-up and out-pretty-much-everything-else the rest of the PushPress team, apparently.

James “Fuse” Plata

James is a co-owner of Lincoln Park CrossFit in Chicago, IL. As a Client Success Agent, James will be responsible for helping triage and address questions, configurations, and issues for our existing clients via our support channels. James will also be working to enhance our library of support documents and videos and improve our on-boarding client education process.

James brings a wealth of experience in this field to the table, with over a decade experience doing just this. He also has been coaching multiple disciplines of fitness for close to a decade as well.

Say hi to James and welcome him to the team if you see him on the Support Chat!

James is newly married with a newborn daughter. James is a one-time state bowling champion. On the side, James earns his “Fuse” nickname as a local DJ. Check our one of his (older) mixes here:

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