My biggest lesson this year

February 28, 2020
My biggest lesson this year

Today I was in a meeting and someone asked me something very profound."What's the biggest lesson or thing you learned this year?"I actually just was talking to Chris Cooper on a podcast I just recorded about this.My answer was clear and confident."This year, I learned that humans work in frameworks, and everything we need to do can be put into a framework".Think about that for a second and resonate how powerful that is to you and your fitness studio business. Humans work in pre-defined frameworks and if you can understand them, they will work for you.I learned that from my current mentor, Dan Martell. It wasn't cause he told me that explicitly, it was because he's a PRO at taking concepts and making them into a framework. (Yes. I have a mentor, and I think everyone should)For this post, I'm not going to dive too deeply into this concept (who wants to read too much on a Friday?), but I'd like to really introduce this concept to you.

What is a Framework?

A framework is really nothing more than a definable and repeatable playbook that works. Why they work is a deeper concept.On a simple level, humans work in very understandable and predictable ways.Don't believe me? Tell your husband or wife to "JUST CALM DOWN" the next time you fight, and I'll tell you what's coming next.It's either a projectile or some doghouse time.

How This Framework Works

Like GI Joe said, "knowing is half the battle". Understanding that this universal truth is in play, doesn't matter if you can't make it work for you.What I'd like you all to point your mind to is your last trip to any Disney resort. Why Disney? Because Disney resorts understand to a the how human frameworks work and how to use them.What's funny is if you've even been to a Disney resort you immediately knew what I was talking about. Because as smart as you are, they got you on some additional spend you didn't need to makeI know they got you, because they also got me on a spend I didn't need to make.It was a spend WE HAD TO MAKE.And why did we feel we had to make that spend? Because they understand the framework of human psychology.

How To Put This To Work For You

This post honestly isn't here to tell you how to make it work. We'll dive into that later.This post is to open your mind to the fact that there are frameworks that we, as humans, understand and gravitate towards.They make us feel ok. Comfortable.Because as humans we are wired to respond in a certain way to threat or danger. We respond one way to something that strokes our ego. And respond in other ways to various other stimuli on us.Once you understand this, so many things can be unlocked. Universal truths can become apparent. That's where my goal is to get you.Until we get there - stop and analyze all the things you see and experience and ask yourself.... "Was this purely organic or was this manufactured?".Disney manufactures its own success.Get on that level.

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