New Dashboard Launch

April 8, 2016
New Dashboard Launch

Today we’re pleased to release our new dashboard.

Months of discussion, debate and development has gone into this and we’re quite pleased with the results. We hope our clients are too.

The focus of this dashboard is to put critical information and functionality at your fingertips. Our primary goal is to reduce the time you have to spend looking at the beautiful things we build (sad and ironic, I know), and this dashboard reflects that.

New Look!

As time passes brilliant minds around the world find new design patterns to make this easier for humans to interact with. We’ve begun to adopt Google’s design pattern, “Material”. We will slowly begin to move other sections over into this Material Design look and feel, which includes simpler call outs for action, and a more intuitive flow.

Your Day - Powered by Google Calendar

You and your coaches now can see your day, at a glance. Using Google Calendar as the backend for your scheduling is a no-brainer, and now you can view, edit and create new calendar items right from the PushPress Dashboard.

In the future, this interface will be where our new Private Training system will live. So keep an eye out for that.


There are certain critical things that can affect your retention. People who have’t been to the gym in a while. People’s upcoming birthdays. Overdue payments.

These things and more materially affect your ongoing and future business. We’ve dropped them in one column on the dashboard for your quick review.


The lifeblood of your business, and certainly deserving of a spot on your dashboard. As the owner you can see New Leads and any leads assigned to you. Your coaches will simply see the leads assigned to them. All leads include the last contact date, so you can stay on top of them.

Schedule, Check-Ins and Registrations

Quickly see your daily schedule, who’s registered for classes and who’s checked in via our Check-In Panel.

You can also check in coaches and registrations with a simple click of a checkbox and add new checkins on the fly!

More To Come!

This is just the start. Like always, there’s potential for so much more here, but for a first pass we’re extremely happy with our new dashboard!

If you’re not a PushPress client and you’d like more information on how we might be able to help you save time, money, and STRESS - book a 10 minute consultation now!

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