New Lead Types

August 20, 2015
New Lead Types

A couple new features just dropped into the Lead Management process today that we’d like to highlight.

Correspondence Email Address
This will allow you to route ALL email correspondence from the Lead system to a certain email address. A common use case is to have a front desk person (or team) handle all incoming leads. This will allow you to route emails from the system alerting the users who need to know about new leads when they come in.

Further when the lead emails back on correspondence, they’ll send their replies to this email address - keeping the communication tight and routed to the right people.

Lead Types + Multiple Redirect URL’s
Another common use case is needing to understand which type of lead each new lead is - and send them to the correct page after they register.

A common case would be Beginners and Experienced Leads. Beginners might have a completely different business process flow than Experienced leads. Using these fields in the Lead Capture settings, you can define what types of leads you expect to get and how to handle them after they sign up.

As you can see in the screen shot above, at Torrance CrossFit, we send Experienced leads to a completely different consultation signup form than we do the Beginners.

This solution is flexible to your needs. Send experienced people to a blog page. Send beginners to a sign up page for your Fundamentals. Create a lead type for a Barbell Club have them routed to your Barbell club signup form after. Or don’t enter a redirect URL and have them see a generic Thank you screen.

The choice is yours, what will you do with it?

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