New Year - New You!

January 4, 2016
New Year - New You!

The New Year is here, and everyone is scrambling to make a “better them”. We see this every January in the fitness world, as people start looking for fitness facilities to help them with their desires to get in shape.

Are You Capturing This Crowd The Best You Can?

Lead Management Is Critical

Make sure you’re tracking your leads with something better than just pen and paper, or for Lord’s sake - by simply emailing back and forth.

At PushPress we’ve setup some systems to help you manage your leads and quantify the value of them. Something that is imperative in running (and growing) your fitness business.


Email is the one of the most ineffective way to track leads.

Stop “Tracking” Leads By Email!

If you’re in the crowd of gyms that have a simple “contact us” form on your website and are using that to source leads - STOP. If your lead management process is emailing back and forth, you’re creating a lot more work for yourself, and you’re wasting time and energy.

Email is for communicating - not tracking.

What happens if you get a surge of interest (not uncommon right now) and 20 leads come thru in one day? How can you make sure 100% of the people interested in your gym get contacted?

Have you ever lost a lead buried under a ton of spam, or worse yet - one that got stuffed into your spam folder?

How can you effectively take notes, follow up with, or assign your leads to other people to manage?

Get a Lead Management CRM NOW.

If you’re in the group tracking leads by email - find yourself a CRM ASAP. Here’s the key components that will need to happen:

  1. Capture. You will need an integrated form someone can fill out to get entered into the Lead system. Ideally this form can take some additional information to help you find a solution that best fits this client’s needs. Stuff like goals and objectives.
  2. Assignment. Make someone take ownership of the lead. No more “I thought you were going to do it” stuff when it comes to the life blood of your business!
  3. Management / Funneling. The ability to manage the conversation and progress of someone as they go from a general lead to a qualified lead and eventually to a disqualified customer or converted client.
  4. Conversion. The ability to signify that a lead is converted into a paying client. This is key to help you know your conversion rates and potential future earnings. Ideally this system can connect to your billing platform so you don’t have to manually manage this process.
  5. Reporting. Knowing how well you’re doing in terms of attracting and converting leads is important in forecasting your business.
  6. Automated Marketing. This is a cherry feature. The ability to setup and deliver automated marketing messages with your leads based on segmenting and filtering.

Knowing exactly who is in your sales pipeline is critical to succeeding as a gym.

If your billing system integrates and automates all this for you already - great! You are in a good spot - now it is up to you to setup a protocol and process at your business to implement these.

If you billing system does not do this, you can cobble a system together (warning, it will be a good amount of work and require some technical know how) using existing free/cheap systems.

Cobbling Together A System

  • Lead Capture: Instapage - $24/month
  • Lead Assignment / Management / Reporting: Hubspot CRM - FREE
  • Integration: Zapier - $20/month
  • Automated Marketing: Autopilot - $5/month
  • Time to Integrate: 20 - 200 hours. Depending on how well you integrate and how in depth your automated marketing is.

I’ll describe in detail how to setup a cobbled system in another post - that’s a long topic.


If you don’t know key information about your lead process, you’re not running business effectively.

PushPress Clients Save Time and Money

Or, if you’re a PushPress client, you can save $44 a month and a lot of time and frustration and just use our built in Lead Management system. For more information and to see what else we offer, simply go to

New Year - New You!

Schedule a demo today to see how PushPress can help you turn your business into a well oiled machine!

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