Building on last week’s topic of creating a seamless On-Boarding experience for a lead, this week we discuss how to optimize your workflow to make it easy for a lead to convert to a member.

There are 4 keys we are aiming to accomplish. 

1. Don’t make your leads wait – Be responsive, be quick. The quickest way to lose a lead is to be slow to follow up on their inquiries

2. Designate a lead manager – Have them utilize the leads list to make sure each lead has been followed up with.

3. Arm your team for speed – Leverage automations and integrations with messaging solutions (like Slack), to make sure your team gets lead notifications quickly.

4. Offer the sale and make it easy – Utilize landing pages to make it easy for a lead to complete the purchase.


Now that we have identified the main goals, here is what you can do to optimize you and your staff’s workflow. 

  • Utilize Slack or email notifications to alert your lead manager to respond to leads as quickly as possible (Aim for under a 5 minute response time!)
  • Understand how to utilize each of the different lead statuses. Have your lead manager use the leads list and make sure everyone is followed up with on a regular basis.
  • Bookmark all of your plan landing pages on a tablet. Designate that tablet as the ‘sign-up’ tablet. Once a lead is bought in, close the sale by launching the landing page for the correct plan, and walk the lead through the purchase.

    Here is a full replay of the webinar.