Our Appointment Booking Platform is coming!

May 5, 2016
Our Appointment Booking Platform is coming!

Do you do Private Training? Or book private consultations when someone wants to join your gym? Perhaps you do personal nutritional counseling or body composition measurements?All of these types of services require you to book time against a coaches calendar and potentially take payment for those bookings. They all generally require the ability to check-in against that booking, and the ability to reschedule or cancel as well.We’ve been hard at work here, but we’re happy to pre-announce the upcoming launch of our Scheduler System.

Backed By Google CalendarsIn alignment with our philosophy of being an “all inclusive” system instead of an “all-in-one”, we power our Scheduler off of Google Calendars. Simply connect to your Google account - and all bookings will be placed on your calendar. This way, it will end up on your mobile devices and computers automatically, ensuring you never miss an appointment!By leveraging this “all inclusive” philosophy, we can build features with more stability, with more connection to your everyday life, and most importantly - faster.

Easy SetupLike everything else on PushPress, setting up your Scheduler is easy peasy, with full control of every important aspect. Quickly setup your appointment types, and assign rates per coach.First Steps and Long TermFor our initial launch we will be opening up the ability to schedule time with clients from the Control Panel. By the end of 2016, we will open this up so your members will be able to self book appointments on their end.Helping you Increase Your Bottom LineThat’s what we do here at PushPress. Whether it’s in saving you money on processing fees, saving you hours of time and frustration behind a computer, in our modest platform service fees, or in building processes like this which allow you to start opening up new revenue channels. Our focus is to give our clients an unfair competitive advantage over their competitors.Find our more by visiting us at http://pushpress.wpengine.com

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