Picking The Right Platform (not the most popular one)

June 20, 2016
Picking The Right Platform (not the most popular one)


  1. We’re redoing all our companion apps for our clients.
  2. We are building them all on the Amazon Fire platform.
  3. We understand many of you are already on iOS, but simply put the iOS platform is overkill for what we need to do, and costs too much.
  4. This will reduce the overall cost to our gyms for buying and maintaining these apps.
  5. This will significantly speed up and increase our ability to make updates to the apps.

We’ve seen it time and again, people will often flock to, and support a business or product line for no reason other than everyone else does. When it comes to how we do things here at PushPress, we like to think a little more out of the box than that.

We’re about to launch a new line of apps for our gym business management platform. Previously, we did all of our apps on the iOS platform because we felt that was one of the most ubiquitous platforms that gym owners were comfortable using.

A few years, and a few apps later, we realize that wasn’t the best choice and we’re making a change to reflect that. This time around we’re picking the Amazon Fire platform as our go to platform we’re building all your in-gym and coach tools on - and I’d like to explain why.


The iOS platform has been developed to be a multimedia powerhouse. It can stream music and videos, multitask, and even play games that the XBox couldn’t handle very well, all on one little device.

That’s amazing if you’re into gaming or consuming videos. But to run your gym, it’s absolutely overkill - so why pay $400 per tablet to have all that unused capability.

Amazon is “Just Right”

The $50 Fire Tablet is PERFECT for our use case. It’s not all that powerful, and I personally would not use it for my daily tablet. It can play games and junk like that, but not anywhere as nice as an iPad.

However, as a system to check people in, or process point of sale charges, it is perfect. And with a $50 price tag, you can now afford to place these all over your gym and still have money left over when compared to the cost of an iPad.

Reducing Your Cost To Run A Gym

Our overall mission is to help you run your gym more profitably. Part of this equation is finding the most efficient and cost effective solutions for you.

It would have been easy for us to just build more apps on the iOS platform, because it’s what everyone is used to and comfortable with. But that’s just not how we do things here.

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