Pre-Order Beta Invites Rolling Out

January 22, 2015
Pre-Order Beta Invites Rolling Out

We’re releasing the PushPress Pre-Order system to limited number of beta testers starting today. We’re starting with existing clients of PushPress before we open it up to non PushPress clients.

What Is The PushPress Pre-Order System?

Our Pre-Order system is an innovative way to sell more merchandise at your gym with zero cash-flow impact. In fact, it’s a revenue generation tool that bears no risk.

Generally speaking the flaw with running pre-sales is the logistics of the matter. Keeping spreadsheets of who’s paid, collecting money, tracking delivery of the merchandise - it’s just another thing that will compete for your time as a gym owner.

We’re built this system to manage most of those pesky details for you, keeping us in line with our mission:

Automating as much of the processes as we can to keep you in front of clients and doing what you love.

For more information - check out some videos we made:

Setting Up Your Pre-Order

Managing Pre-Order Sales

Selling To Members In The Gym

Interested In Using PushPress To Sell Pre-Orders?

The best part of this system if you can use PushPress to sell Pre-Orders without the necessity of using our system to manage any other aspect of your business!

Do you like the management system you’re on right now? Awesome! We won’t force you to use us for management, but we will support your efforts and you can use this Pre-Order system without any hitches.

Simply go to and sign up an account. To get on the beta list, send an email to after registering asking for beta access.

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