How PushPress Grow Helped Mark Offerdahl Earn $10k Monthly

Automation is a game-changer for lead follow-up and gym member experience. Here are three ways PushPress Grow can help save you time and increase revenue!

Emily Beers
December 8, 2022
How PushPress Grow Helped Mark Offerdahl Earn $10k Monthly
Automation is a game-changer for lead follow-up and gym member experience. Here are three ways PushPress Grow can help save you time and increase revenue!

Before discovering PushPress Grow, gym owner Mark Offerdahl tried every software under the sun for his gym in Australia. At the end of 2020, he moved to the United States and opened FWD Fitness in Hawthorne New York. It was then that he switched to PushPress and hasn’t looked back since.

In fact, PushPress software has made his life so much easier that Offerdahl now owns a second FWD Fitness gym in New York. Between the two locations, he has close to 200 members.

PushPress Grow helped FWD Fitness expand

Three PushPress Grow Game Changers

When asked about the details of how PushPress Grow helped him, Offerdahl said the assistance was two-fold. Not only was he able to bring on more new members in time-saving ways, he also grew personal training and nutrition revenue streams with ease.

Offerdahl attributes this to three things: Automation, workflows and urgency.

1. Automation.

Since switching to PushPress, Offerdahl has come to value the importance of automating as many sales and client experience processes as possible.

“The more you can automate your processes, your customer experience, the easier and smoother things are going to run,” he explained. “I’m all about leads and sales. And that automation process that [PushPress gives] you in the work flows makes my life easier.”

How does it work? First, PushPress Grow is a gym CRM (customer relationship management). By managing your relationship with leads and member properly, you’ll set your brand apart, and increase conversions and sales.

So a client contacts FWD Fitness, which automatically adds them to a workflow. The specific workflow depends on which questions they’re asking, prompting responses that are relevant to what they’re looking for.

For example, a prospective member inquires about rates. This inquiry puts them into a PushPress Grow workflow that starts a gym membership pricing conversation. On the other hand, someone looking for information about personal training will receive information relevant to that.

And once a person becomes a member, the communication continues, Offerdahl explained. The first 90 days of a person’s fitness journey are critical.

Gym member experience at FWD Fitness

“Every other day, you’ll get an email with nutrition tips, and all sorts of things,” he said. “It’s about constant contact. [At] CrossFit gyms, where people are paying a high ticket, you need to have constant contact with your members, and this just takes that off your hands. Even though it’s automated, it still starts a conversation. And then you can go in and send an answer to that message if they write back to the message.”

The bottom line is, when it comes to efficient sales, and a gym’s ability to grow, automation is a must.

2. Customized Workflows.

Of course, not everyone who contacts your website is looking for the same thing. Some want group classes, while others want higher ticket coaching, such as personal training and nutrition.

So clients get put into specific PushPress Grow workflows depending on their initial inquiry. Then they’ll start receiving the most efficient marketing messaging, Offerdahl explained.

Further, the workflows are highly customizable. Offerdahl explained that you can personalize every message as needed, even though campaigns have been created based on best practices. In fact, he has tweaked - at least somewhat - the language in every single one of his work flows to reflect his gym’s brand and vision.

“You just go in and just change a few words when you need to. It’s simple and easy to do,” he said.

As an example, the FWD Fitness website has a nutrition coaching landing page. This puts inquiries from this page into a nutrition workflow, which then leads them into either one-on-one nutrition coaching or his 30-day challenge.

Ultimately, having these different workflows has helped Offerdahl build his nutrition and personal training business globally. He now has remote clients around the world, generating a huge spike in revenue.

In total, he used to bill about $1,500 per month for nutrition and personal training combined. He now he generates between $10,000-$11,000 a month.

In the past, he always wanted to build these two programs. But he said, “it was too much f*cking work” without a system like PushPress Grow.

3. Immediate Action.

If Offerdahl has learned anything about sales as a gym owner, it’s that time is of the essence.

“The number one thing in sales is time kills a good sale,” Offerdahl said.

Mark Offerdahl owner of FWD Fitness
Mark Offerdahl, owner of FWD Fitness

“Let’s say you’re coaching three classes in a row and someone does a ‘contact us’ form. They have probably also done three other contact us forms to three other gyms at the same time. So if they get a message back from you a minute later, they’re going to go, ‘These guys are pretty on the ball. They know what they're doing,’” he explained.

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In light of this, PushPress Grow sends out messages immediately after a person inquires. This is something that PushPress founder Chris McConachie says is critical to sales.

“You have to understand that the motivation for someone looking for fitness is typically not a two-week window,” said McConachie. “It is eating ding dongs on the couch at 10 pm with great regret going, ‘I’m making some changes.’ They’re probably through two glasses of wine and they’re like, ‘Yeah, I’m doing it now.’”

Ultimately, introducing more immediate follow-up through Grow has increased Offerdahl’s lead conversion rate and membership base. All the while saving him a ton of time in the process.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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