PushPress Screens Launch

October 13, 2015
PushPress Screens Launch

The day is upon us! Today we’re proud to announce the launch of our new Screens product.

While it’s only in its infancy, we’ve just taken the first step in launching a series of TV Screen based information display products that have been built from the ground up to improve your business.

If you haven’t read our post on Keepin’ It Sexy - do so now… that will explain much of the philosophy behind the screens.

Bottom line is this: we’re building some sleep, super sexy looking screens to help you push data and information out to your clients. While doing so, we’re also looking to make you look amazing.

Existing Clients

We’re going to be sending you a message from inside PushPress with more information on how to get up and running with our screens. Keep an eye out there.

First Launch: Class and Checkins

On this first launch, we’re just releasing a screen to show the current class and checkins. This screen has two goals:

1. To show your coaches and members what classes are going on (and coming up) and who’s checked into them.

2. To encourage clients to check into class (and give coaches a simple way to know who has indeed checked in or not).

Upcoming Launches: Workouts and more!

We have more in store for these screens. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve built them to be super modular and robust - so you can decide which screens you want to show which data.

We Build Enhancements - Not Requirements.

We’ve built these screens to be an optional feature of our system, which will enhance your experience at no additional cost.

As with most of the features we launch, we will never force you to use anything like this, nor will we require you to buy expensive hardware if you don’t see the need to use it.

Built On The Uber-Economical Amazon Fire System.

Another great feature of this, is we’ve built these TVs on the massively economical Amazon Fire system. Starting at $39 + the cost of any screen you want to buy, you have a professional display. No need to buy a Mac Mini or other small computer to power something as simple as a TV Screen!

Our Screens app is built as an Amazon Fire app and is live in the Amazon App Store now.

Interested In Finding Out More?

Book a demo with us today - and let us show you this and the other ground breaking things we’re doing at PushPress.

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