PushPress x Affilination

October 19, 2015
PushPress x Affilination

Here at PushPress, we have many beliefs. These beliefs are core to our product and how we do business.

  • We believe in great product.
  • We believe in a amazing user experience.
  • We believe in second to none customer service.
  • We believe in helping you help your clients succeed.

To that last point, we also strongly believe in a philosophy perpetuated by an industry thought leader: Chris Cooper.

The Abundance Theory.

Give without asking, and it shall return you to ten fold.

Enter Affilination

Affilination.org is a new CrossFit Gym Owners group that holds many common beliefs as we do. It’s a help first community that’s meant to allow gym owners to pool their collective resources, processes, and thought.

Affilination is a natural evolution from the original Affiliate Owners Facebook Group, and it is headed up by the same guy - John Manser. It carries a small fee, but with that comes one big thing - it eliminates the riff raff that can sometimes plague the free Facebook group.

It’s slightly different than the group in many key ways too:

  1. You can search topics much easier in it’s format - and popular posts and threads from the past will remain relevant.
  2. There are “Thought Leaders” in many categories across the site. Ranging from Legal, to Tax/Financial to a section led by yours truly (Technology).
  3. Vendor talk is OK. On the Facebook group it’s not - but that often limits valid discussion at times.

If you’d like to learn more about Affilnation, and how it might be a useful resource to you - head on over to http://affilination.org now.

PushPress x Affilnation

Further, we’re pleased to announce we’re working with Affilnation on their early launch. All PushPress clients will receive a 50% discount on monthly dues for the first 3 months!

If you are a PushPress client, we will be sending you a direct link to take advantage of this offer. Look for it in our internal chat feature on the site.

We don’t get any kickback for this promotion - we just wanted to work with them to offer our members a chance to check it out. It’s in the budding stages now, but as adoption increases the value will be tremendous.

See you there.

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