Quick start guide and cheat mode for gym photography

January 1, 1970
Quick start guide and cheat mode for gym photography

So you want your digital and print assets to look amazing because..Use the right tool for the jobiPhones are great for influencers on instagram but don't quite cut it for sport photography. You have 2 options here, either hire a semi-pro or do it yourself.Do it yourself:You will need to invest in a DSL camera for this. Some basic understanding of photography fundamentals like how ISO, aperture and shutterspeed are a delicate balance would be great, but if you don't have the bandwidth for a quick basic photography course, just slap that DSL in sport mode and call it a day... it will mostly get the result you want.CompositionWhat to shootNo shirtless sweaty guys with 200+ pounds on the bar overhead.. thats for the CrossFit / Strength & Conditioning crowd. Similarly, with martial arts, the head in balls hug move, probably not so appealing to prospects.Avatar clientsDon't shoot just anyone, select who represents your target audience. Consider age range, athletic ability, gender,

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