Say more with less: Declutter Your Website

October 28, 2019
Say more with less: Declutter Your Website

Have you considered that your website might be a cluttered mess that needs some tidying up?We’ve entered an age where less is more.This applies to web design where the minimalistic rule, rules.Websites are living, breathing things, and over time, they can get bogged down with outdated messaging, broken links, useless pages, and images that don't make sense.If you can picture your website as your "visual storefront" through which customers view your business and make assessments, you can quickly determine whether or not your “storefront” needs some cleaning up.If it’s too busy and cluttered, your visitors will be lost and confused and will be a poor reflection of your business. However, If your website is clean and easy to navigate, you’ll quickly keep your potential clients engaged, and wanting to do business with you.Follow the tips below and declutter your "storefront."

Start with Your Overall Site Navigation

Your site navigation and menu structure are like the foundation and frame of your storefront. If they are both well organized and make sense, then your entire content on those pages will flow nicely together.Take a look at each link, page, image, text box, and determine whether or not it serves a purpose on your site. As a quick rule of thumb, if you can’t quickly define what purpose that element serves, then it probably doesn’t need to be there. Again, modern web design is all about saying more with less.

Less clickable options goes a long way

The less options your visitors have to click, the easier it will be for them to navigate your homepage. It also makes way for what truly is important, which is getting them to click on that CTA (Call to Action): "Schedule a Consult," or "Get your Free Trial." Not so much "Member Stories," "Blog," "The History of Fitness," "Learn More," you get the picture. A good website will have the most important options and no more.

Think categories not pages

This pertains to your main menu. Your menu is one of the first elements your visitors see when they find your website. It is absolutely essential that you organize your menu the right way! Start organizing your menu by categories, and not pages.Gym owner's tend to treat each page as its own "storefront," which in turn leads to more confusion and results in web pages that don't work well together. Choosing categories allows your visitors to see your "storefront" and a glimpse of what you offer without getting lost in, let's say, a "department store" that offers and overwhelming amount of options.Guess what happens when you start reorganizing your menu with a purpose and end goal? You get more clients wanting to do more business with you!

Out with the Old in with the New

Take for example PushPress Client, Paul Manfre, from PowerAthlete. We completely transformed the overall feel of his website. His website featured a ton of menu options with no clear direction as to what was important. We organized his programs by categories with easy drop downs and got rid of what was not necessary.Just with a quick glance at his “storefront” you can see that’s it’s more captivating, cleaner and easy to navigate:Before 🙈:

PowerAthlete Homepage Before

After 💫👌:

PowerAthlete Homepage After

Ready, set, organize!

Let us help you spark joy with your website! If you need help tidying up your current site give us a call and let us help you declutter your "storefront!"

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