Some Clarity Regarding PushPress (us) and PPL (not us)

November 28, 2016
Some Clarity Regarding PushPress (us) and PPL (not us)

.Over the years of building and running PushPress, there’s a few constants:

  • We get to meet a ton of awesome gym owners, get to understand their unique businesses, and help them in their path to success.
  • We get to meet a bunch of owners at the CrossFit games because its always in our back yard here in Torrance… errrr wait a minute.
  • We save gym owners a lot of time, so they can spend more time on the gym floor, which is usually why they became an owner in the 1st place.
  • We get confused with another company, which used to have a similar name to our Trademarked name, PushPress.

The Backstory

A few years ago, we were tipped off to Push Press Labs because they posted something on twitter that upset CrossFit HQ. In CrossFit HQ’s response to it, they tagged us.

Naturally this concerned us that we were being mixed up with someone else’s business, so we looked into it. We decided that as a company, Push Press Labs did not reflect the type of company we would want to be associated with, so we began a conversation with them asking them to stop using our trademarked name in an identical market, as it was causing consumer confusion.

Generally speaking, we’re pretty chill folks here and we only take this step if we felt the values and direction of the other company didn’t jive with ours. They complied, changing their name to PPL. We were NOT thrilled with this, because we knew that meant they would continue operating as “Push Press Labs”, and just changed the outward facing name of their organization to an abbreviation - But as I said above, we’re not for causing undue stress on others, so we decided to just let it go at that.

Over the years, multiple times per month, I find myself letting someone know we aren’t PPL. Generally speaking, I think the only time someone comes to me to discuss PPL, it’s out of a dispute or issue they have with the company, so I’m sure I get a very skewed representation of their business - but every time I have to let them know we’re not PPL and they’re not us.

This is concerning to us, obviously, because if we only hear about things from time to time, and generally when someone has an issue or a complaint, we begin to wonder how many people see our brand and automatically assume we are PPL.

For the record, we are not PPL. They are not us. Our business interactions with clients are not indicative of each other.

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