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Do you establish what makes you different on your website? I’m not talking about your super awesome images, or awards, or the logo that marks your branding. I’m talking about a clear and concise message on your homepage that explains what truly makes you different. Our new Website delivers a clear and concise picture of what makes your gym different than others.

Below are 3 easy tips to follow, and why they’re important for user engagement.

1. Build trust with your customers

This is the part where the StoryBrand Framework kicks in – Where you make your client the hero and you the guide. It’s important to talk about your customer’s needs first before you start talking about what you can offer to them.

In this section you want to lead with empathy to build trust with your clients, you want to communicate with them that you understand them. Your potential client at some point, beginner or experienced, has struggled with fitness. An empathy statement will truly show you understand that.

2. Establish Authority

To build trust with clients you also want to communicate your expertise in being able to help solve their problem. What is something that establishes your authority? Years you’ve been doing this? Special Certifications? Trainings? The number of clients you have? If you can establish why you are equipped to help your client, you will help build trust and keep them engaged.

3. Values that set you apart

Most importantly, you want to let your potential clients know that you are in this business for a value based reason. This builds greater trust that you care about their greater good.

From our very own

Take for example PushPress Client Mike Vidas from Mathúin Athletics. The first sentence of “What Makes Us Different” begins with and empathy statement “We understand…” and leads with the following paragraph that establishes credibility, closing with a value statement “We care about your long-term success above all else.”




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