Statement of Current Affairs

June 8, 2020
Statement of Current Affairs
“Be a good person. But don’t waste time proving it.” Anonymous

To be 100% clear and concise, PushPress as a company is a help-first organization made up of the communities we serve.  We will always opt to be on the right side of history, support humanity in every way we can make an impact.  There is no room in our organization, in our partnerships, or in our world for racism, sexism, hatred, bigotry, or any other form or evil.  We will do our part, every day, to fight these forms of oppression until they are eradicated.The world, more than ever, needs calm, compassion, and leadership.  We have watched many people and companies step forward to offer their take on the current state of the world and have remained thoughtfully quiet until now.  We believe sound decisions are made through inspection, not emotion.2020 has brought upon us a tsunami of unrelenting crisis.  One after another, each with tremendous magnitudes of effect on society as a whole.  I feel that month after month of bad news, crisis, argument, and division has brought us to a point where, as a world, we are looking for the next thing to be outraged over.What the world needs now, more than ever is leadership, compassion, dialog.With these three things comes hope and change.

PushPress Aligns With Good

As a company, we always will align with the forces of good.  We reject the notion that any single person or company can be part of a bigger movement, and we support every movement, idea, theory, or principle that promotes humanity.We stand alongside the black communities of the world. We stand beside all POC and people who have been dealt an unfavorable life hand.We never support people, companies, or ideas that spread hate.We expect this of our company, of our employees, and even of our clients.

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