Survive The Slow Season With One Quick Fix

November 2, 2016
Survive The Slow Season With One Quick Fix

As a gym owner we’re heading into the dreaded holiday season. The time of the year where our clients and potential clients find every excuse in the book to stay out of the gym.No matter what their excuse is, it boils down to one thing - motivation wanes when Thanksgiving feasts, Holiday parties, and New Years celebrations are looming.

Potential clients bake the excuse of “I’ll wait until January 1 to start getting fit” into their mindset come November.

How To Combat This Mindset

In order to combat this mindset of potential clients, you will need to develop a program at your facility that has the following attributes:

  • Short in duration
  • With a specific, measurable goal or outcome
  • Limited in supply
  • Starts before New Years (ideally on or around December 1)
  • Optionally have a competitive aspect.

If you come up with a program that has these attributes and market it now, you can attract clients who are serious about their fitness enough to push thru the lack of motivation - and snag them as clients BEFORE they start shopping on January 2nd.

A Sample Program

While programs can be up to your imagination and creativity, if you want something tried and true, look no further than a simple “30 Day Transformation” challenge.This is just a sample program to get your minds turning, feel free to take or adjust as you see fit for your demographic.A 30 Day program, at a cost of $289 which includes:

  • Onboarding photos, weigh in, and measurements.
  • Nutritional guidance and monitoring
  • 3x a week fitness at your facility with 3x a week take home fitness challenges (5x in a day, do 3 minutes of max effort burpees, etc)
  • A private Facebook group for social motivation and discourse.
  • Coaching and accountability
  • End of program photos, weigh in, measurements and results.
  • Social recognition for all participants who lost weight.
  • A split of a prize pool for everyone who lost more than 3% of their body weight. (use a system like if you don’t want to manage this yourself)

Every component of this program is geared around solving each of the five program attributes listed above, with the purpose of increasing motivation and the likelihood of success for the participants. It’s priced at a point to weed out the unmotivated and provides value in line (or exceeding) with the cost. It has a specific goal and provides an incentive that everyone can participate in.All of this adds up to attracting motivated clients, who will likely find success in your program and remain on as a client after the program ends.

PushPress Clients - We Got You Covered!

While this program can (and should) be used by any gym out there, we’ve optimized PushPress to help you pull this off with less hassle.We just launched our Landing Page update with Program Start dates. With this update, you can attach a start date to a program and sell it online. For more information on this feature, check out this help doc.Use this handy feature to setup a program similar to the one we outlined above, and setup a Landing Page with a start date when you want to kick off the program.

Take the link we generate for you, and use that to market against. That will create a conversion optimized landing page which will handle registration and payment for you.

PushPress Is Here To Help Gyms!

We are a system built by gym owners, made for gym owners. We understand intimately what it is like to run a gym and the demands on you as a coach or an owner.If you’d like to speak to one of our representatives to see how PushPress can help your gym, click here to set up a quick 10 minute call now!

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