Texting is Old School. We got #Slack.

September 24, 2015
Texting is Old School. We got #Slack.

No app like a free app that works, and we have added anawesome new (FREE) integration with one of the best (FREE) communication andorganization apps out there, #Slack.Slack currently has over 1.1 million daily active users witha handful of those here at PushPress. It is a fantastic, simple-to-usetool to communicate with your staff based on topic or project. You choose whichstaff members are a part of which group conversations, called channels; you candirect message your staff individually, and files can be added to both. Files,including Google Drive, Dropbox and Box files can be “starred” for futurereference and commented on.Some of the benefits of using Slack are:

  • Communication with your team is EASILY searchable. You don’t have to scroll through pages of text to find the answersyou want or have to look through email and your text to find the informationyou need from your staff. This includes any documents you download into Slack.It indexes the content of any file within your account. Slack will become thenew singular focal point of communication within your business.
  • Slack will keep transactional communication fromclogging up your email inbox. As a business owner, this will save time andsanity. Instead of having your email push notices popping up on your phone constantly, your PushPress payment receipts can be held in one Slack channel,member check-ins in another, and so forth. Nice.
  • Slack is free to use forever, regardless of thenumber of users in your account. It is accessible anywhere, laptop, desktop,and mobile apps.
  • Slack is available for Apple and Androiddevices.
  • Like PushPress, Slack integrates with so manyother services (check out https://slack.com/integrations).

At PushPress, we want your time spent with your members, notbehind a desk managing your business software… or your email inbox.

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