Okay, we’ll keep this short. We will be pushing an updated in the next few weeks to move all new subscriptions to invoices.

Cool, who cares? 

Probably no one outside of PushPress staff. But this change does open the door to add more flexibility in how you can handle payments (think combining or splitting payments).

What changed? 

Not much. Most of what changed is in the backend. Now, when someone purchases a membership plan, an invoice is created and closed automatically. But that invoice that was created is key. It will allow you to do a lot more with the payment.

Do I need to do anything different? 

No. Your workflow for signing up a member remains the same.

So what happens now? 

Make sure to clean up any members who have plans on alert. When we push this update live, an invoice will be generated for every missed payment in the system. This could result in a lot of open invoices.

We will be publishing some best practices on how to best handle invoices and keep your system lean and clean.

(If you have read this far, thank you! This update is particularly important because it is the last component we need to be able to release ACH.. more on this to come!)

For now, if you missed the live webinar/demo, watch the replay here.