The PushPress Team & Our Founding Principles.

February 2, 2015
The PushPress Team & Our Founding Principles.

Most, if not all, of us would not walk into a dark car lot and buy a car from a sales person who is talking into our ear via cell phone. Would you feel safe in that car? Would you feel confident in the car lot you purchased it from?


So, if you wouldn’t rely on an anonymous car salesperson and you wouldn’t feel comfortable relying on them for the safety of you and your family, you shouldn’t rely on a business management software company whose founders you only know by a photo and a blurb on their website, if at all. Your business is your baby, and it needs to be supported by people you know and trust.

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So who is behind PushPress?

Dan Uyemura
Dan is the co-owner of Torrance CrossFit in California. He has been a part of the CrossFit community for a long time. Before that, he has had over 15 years of software engineering and web application development under his belt. Even previous too all that, he started his own business while graduating from UCLA. During the CrossFit Games weekend, if there is anything you need, from a great restaurant or coffee shop, to a place to WOD, he is your guy. He knows his town and he knows the CrossFit community.

Brian Aung
Brian, another successful entrepreneur, has a penchant for CrossFit, building businesses, and banking (of all things!). Little known fact, Brian actually went to school to become accredited to open his own bank.

Brian has morphed into our go to guy for client migrations due to his meticulous manner of validating and revalidating data (we told you - he’s a banker at heart) When he’s not hacking away on the keyboard, he’s helping care for his infant daughter or trying to squeeze in a workout.

Don’t let Brian’s tech skills fool you… while he is a co-founder of PushPress, he is also the co-founder of DJ City, a go-to hub of music news where established and upcoming DJs pool their music together.

Christopher (Kiwi) McConachie
If you ever get on the phone with someone at PushPress and you hear a New Zealand accent, you have Kiwi on the phone. Chris’ work experience in User Experience Design includes Los Angeles based advertising agencies and Silicon Valley based tech companies. He also focuses on mobile design since, “You know, that is where the world is going.”

Not only does Chris have mad skills behind the computer screen, but he is also an owner at LAX CrossFit in El Segundo, CA.

With their slightly different backgrounds, the three PushPress founders all have a lot in common… their philosophy and beliefs in running an ethical business:

Philosophy and beliefs in business
by Chris McConachie, PushPress Co-Founder

We have many founding beliefs behind this company. These beliefs are primarily what prompted us build PushPress and our other businesses, and they are the founding principles in which we try to live our lives and run PushPress.

• Business should be run transparently

• You have to build trust with your customers first, there needs to be a considerable amount of initial effort to establish that solid base of trust.

• Demonstrate you are an expert in your field. This same principle applies to being a strength and conditioning coach as well as creating software. Continuing education in both is key, both fields are continually evolving, being a master in your field is what we strive for, although we will never get there.

• Give away a little (or a lot in our case) first. Primarily we want to help you, the gym owner. We made the PushPress Timer app, free for you and your athletes, use it at home, at the gym, help it run your metcons. We also collaborated with Diane Fu from to create the Olympic-Style Lifts poster. It was some work, but we loved every minute of that project. We gave away 1000 free printed posters and the digital download is still available for you to print your own.

• Innovate constantly, do you want to be a leader or a follower? Innovation is not the easiest road to take, but this is what I believe will keep us firmly one (or five) steps ahead of our competitors at all time. Never settle, always question how processes and systems are done, just because that’s how someone else or everyone else does it, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most efficient way. The number of times we have referenced “be like apple” or “you see what Google did right there” has been too many to recount. They do it right in their space, we aim to do it right in the fitness space.

• You have to be passionate about what you do. This will come across in your product. We live and breathe the gym life, PushPress owners also own gyms (LAX CrossFit and Torrance CrossFit,) but more important than just being an owner we are embedded in the trenches, the day to day operations of running the gym. This leads to intimately knowing the needs of your customers … because we are the customer also.

• You have to have a constant 2-way dialog with your customers. Listening, filtering and acting on customer feedback is crucial to making the best product possible.

• There are many attributes that can make your company great. You could have the best sales team possible, but at PushPress we strive to be known for having the best Membership Management software and the best Customer Service, period.

• Great customer service starts with response time, waiting to hear back from us in 24hrs is about 23 hours and 59 minutes too long IMO.

And the last, and most important:

• We don’t exist without our customers, for that we thank you, every single loyal one!

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